The Divine Dominican Tour lives on…

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Its hard to believe that The Divine Dominican Tour is over … The Leopardo Boys and I had such a great time when we were there and the memories and magical moments will live in our heart 4 SURE!

While we were there we Blogged, Tweeted and shared on both Facebook and Youtube!

Below is a one stop shop type of link that you can check out to “Stay Connected” with each of the Brands that the Leopardo Boys and I got to visit! Its a GREAT RESOURCE!

I love popping on the the FaceBook Fanpages to get a REAL DEAL FEEL of the excitement of guests who are both going or have been or better yet there posting LIVE FROM like the Leopardo Boys and I did!

YouTube is such FUN too! Great Vids both professional and REAL DEAL FEEL from vacationers who want to SHARE THE DREAM and MORE! Which reminds me I have a bunch of vids I need to put up on my YouTube Channel…

The BLOGS for each of the resorts is great too! I love reading them to see whats new and exciting and LOVE the way that they share recipes and so much MORE!

Be on the look out…because the Leopardo Boys and I have a lot more to share about the DIVINE DOMINICAN TOUR! Its Never OVER… The DREAM Lives ON! The SECRETS are so SWEET they must always be SHARED! Those MOMENTS of NOW are Cherished ALWAYS! And the ZENsational Zoetry is to be LIVED with ART!

ZENsational Zoetry Agua Punta Cana…LOVING IT

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Arrived yesterday afternoon and had a delicious lunch with Sr. fetch the Manager. The grilled seafood platter ROCKS,,,, it includes lobster…my FAV!


Typing this from my iPad so will share more a bit later when I,m on my netbook as I don’t have all of my features.

But wanted to check in and let everyone know Zoetry Agua is GREAT and the leopard boys and I are LOVING IT HERE!

More later
And the leopardo boys

Tweaking and Tweeting….AND TICKING!

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So as the countdown clock is TICKING! bb is TWEAKING and TWEETING!

Todays TWEAK was to add to the BlogRoll on my very own blog!

If you check out the sidebar to the right you will see “Blog Roll” in which I have listed all of the “AMazing AMResorts” blogs!

The “Leopard Boys” and I are super excited to link them here on “Baltobabes Blog”!!!

And we are even more excite to count down and be at each of the LIVE FROM and share with all of you!

and the Leopardo Boys!

Let the AMazing Adventure start here…

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Hola Cyber Pals!

So I was just thinking…you know how the Leopardo Boys and I love our AMazing AMResorts Adventure and we are always “Spreading the LOVE, Sharing the DREAMS, Revealiing the SECRETS, talking about Living Life with ART like at Zoetry and being in our moment of NOW”….

And how we are always advicing you to follow us on our adventure…via their Facebook pages for whichever of the resorts we will be visiting…

Well here is a little hint…a one stop shop if you will were you can find all contact info for each of the AMazing BRANDS that AMResorts manages…

A simple click on the link above will get you to their contact page where EACH of the Brands is listed and you have a wealth of info to click and choose!

Sign me up (to stay in touch!)

I love that they have made it so easy to stay connected and find just what you are looking for! The Leopard Boys and I are extremely fond of the FaceBook Pages! We love to shrare on there when we are traveling and also when we are home “daydreaming” of our next trip!

So remember…check out that link…

Click and stay connected…keep up with all the AMazing things that are happening at each of the AMResorts Brands!


and the Leopardo Boys

Pass the TOOTHPICS Please!

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LOL! Pardon me if I am a little punchy today but I got up early to order my NEW LOVAH!!! The IPAD2! Don’t Tell “Lil Leopardo” (my ipod4GEN other LOVAH!) or Leopardo Laptop (my first LOVAH!)

Went to bed early last night in order to get some ZZZZ’s so I could get up at 3AM and be ready when Apple let it RIP! And I was one of the first to order on line! Got the 32G with Wifi and 3G with Verizon in Black! After all we all know that he will soon be covered in a Leopardo Skin from my buddies at Decal Girl! Also picked up the camera kit and the spiffy new cover in PINK!!! (only because they did not offer it in LEOPARDO!)

BUT…last night my delivery from Amazon came!!! OH WOW!!! I got 2 Faux Fur Leopardo cases to house LeoPADO and Leopardo! They ROCK!!! Wait til you see them! They are soft and velvety and oh so LUXE!!! A perfect carrier for two such special Leopard Boys!

So NOW The Leopard Boys will all soon be together and I am sure playing nicely! I will have time to tame them a bit before the DIVINE DOMINCAN TOUR whre they will all be traveling with me to BLOG and TWEET and FaceBook to SPREAD THE LOVE and SO MUCH MORE! Its going to be an AMazing Adventure!

Here is the Link to check all the other LINKS…in one neat place!

Make sure to come and follow us starting April 5th as we have SWEEET DREAMS! MOMENTS OF NOW, ZOETRY ZEN, and SWEET SECRETS!

bb and her leopardo boys!

The Clock is ticking down to DDT and I need help!

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33 Days til Take off and the Divine Dominican Tour!

So much to think about and so much to do! 5 Hotels in 2 weeks! Its going to be a WHIRLWIND! But Leopardo Laptop and I just LOVE IT!

Speaking of Leopardo Laptop…I think he might be getting a bit jealous of my newest addition to the Media Blitz Equipment! I told you yesterday about “Lil’ Leopardo” the new Ipod Touch 4GEN…my new LOVAH! WELL…don’t you know that Steve Jobs announced the NEW IPAD2 yesterday that is going to be going on sale on March 11th! OMG! You guessed it…old bb will be setting my alarm clock to get me up at midnight so I can order him for the AMazing April Adventures! It will be my Birthday Gift to myself! Who Better to take on my Birthday Bash!

NOW…I am not saying I am going to replace Leopardo Laptop…heaven forbid! He has been with me through thick and thin and done such a great job on SO MANY AMazing Adventures! But I am thinking the NEW BOYS on the block are lighter to LUG AROUND and can go with me as I am “traipsing around” the resorts doing LIVE FROM”S …REALLY LIVE!!! And giving Leopardo a bit of a rest so he can be ready for a work out when I stop back to the room to refresh for dinner and such…

So I now have to conjure up a name for the Ipad 2…. Lets see we have “Leopardo Laptop” for my trusty netbook who I LOVE! “Lil’ Leopardo” for my NEW LOVAH, the Ipod 4GEN what shall I name Ipad2…it has to have a Leopardo themed name! Perhaps “LeoPADo”!!! I kind of like that! But am open for names if you want to send me some!

Oh…and I contacted my buddies at
and asked them if they would be doing a “SKIN” for the Ipad2 and they got back to me right away with a RESOUNDING “YES OF COURSE”!!! So it looks like a go for April and the AMazing Adventures of bb and her Leopard BOYS!

I sort of like that!.. “BB and Her Leopardo Boys”…Off to Spread The LOVE, Share the DREAMS, Reveal the SECRETS, Live life with ART at Zoetry and always be in our Moments of NOW”…

Remember to go over to facebook and hit LIKE on each of the Resorts we will be visiting so you can post and share the fun!

The link above will get you to a place where you can find all the FUN links and great info on the Resorts I love so much! DREAMS, SECRETS, ZOETRY and NOW! Where DREAMS come TRUE, SECRETS are REVEALED and ZEN is found at Zoetry!

Happy Travels!

Buenos Dias…lets get in the MOOD for the DDT…

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Whats DDT you may ask..??? Well let me tell you…its the “The DIVINE DOMINICAN TOUR”… Its whas Leopardo Laptop and I are LIVING FOR!

Visiting each and every one of the AMazing AMResorts in the Dominican Republic! I blogged about it yesterday and will be sharing from now til take off…

Speaking of sharing my DEAR FRIEND Emily has a blog and is planning a similar trip later this year and she is sharing too…check it out!

I met Emily a few years ago via “The Dreams Forum” this was before the days of Facebook…oh those were the days! We had such fun on the Dreams Forum…And still do on Facebook Fan pages too! It was all about sharing SWEET DREAMS! Because back then there was no SECRETS in the Dominican! WAY Back there were not even any DREAMS…but they were SUNscapes! Well Emily and I have shared and seen a lot of great growing in the BRANDS!

I hope you will check out her blog, she writes with passion and love about her trips! And she shares so much!

HUGS to EMILY! And one day its my DREAM to be with her at a DREAMS or SECRETS to deliver a BIG HUG in person!

So…a little more info…hehehe! Yesterday I went out and got an Ipod Touch 4th GEN to take on the trip! OMG! What can I say I am in love with this little boy…hehehe! Of course he is named Leopardo and I am waiting for his “skin” to be delivered from Decal Girl!

You can take pics and vids and post them LIVE on Facebook and Twitter! I practiced with him a bit yesterday and he works fine!

SO when I tell you I will be reporting LIVE FROM…it will be brought to you via “Lil Leopardo” The Ipod Touch 4Gen WONDER BOY…who is now my NEW LOVAH!!!

and Happy Travels!
and leopardo laptop!

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