Wine Tasting and Wine Paring Dinners at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana!

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One of the Sweet Secrets at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana is the Wine Tasting and the Wine Paring Dinners that they have!

David Barreiro Canda who is the Food and Beverage Director along with Pascal Messier who is the Executive Chef at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana have come up with these great Events!

David held a Wine Tasting while I was there last week that I was lucky enough to attend and found very informative and interesting. The guests who attended ranged from novice like myself to experts and all in between!

The Wine Tasting Event is listed in the SUNdial Newsletter that you receive each evening at Turn Down Service so make sure to check so you don’t miss it or ask at Concierge to see when it will be when you are visiting the resort. The Wine Pairing dinner is usually a day or two after the Wine Tasting and by invitation, again you can ask at concierge.

Setting up for the Wine Tasting Event in front of Casa Bella in the afternoon

David included four wines in the tasting and printed information for us to take away with us. I enjoyed that part because the pamphlet was very informative along with Davids sharing I learned a lot about the wines and the history and what to look for when tasting.

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It was a lovely afternoon activity for sure!

When I first arrived at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana David had prepared a Wine Pairing Dinner for me

It will give you an idea of what a Wine Pairing Dinner will include!

It was a wonderful meal and all the wines were very good!

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I recommend the Wine Tasting and the Wine Paring Dinner for sure while you are visiting Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana!

Kudos To David and to Pascal for all of the AMazing Things they are doing there!

Zoetry Agua Punta Cana Wine Pairing Dinner


ZOETRY Agua Punta Cana…truly is where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet to make ZENsational MAGIC!

Last night I was invited to the Wine Tasting Dinner…that was so very AMazing!

Luis Fitch who is the Manager here at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana happens to be a renowned Chef and True Culinary Genius! AND he also happens to be a very passionate about wines and pairing them with food! Last nights Wine Pairing Dinner was tribute to his talents and a very pleasant affair! It is something that is going to be a regular feature and something I recommend to guests who are coming to the resort. You can contact Cristina who is the Manager of Entertainment or Guest Services to see what day it is going to be and make reservations. Normally 18 to 30 people can be accommodated to enjoy this very special night!

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Last night Sr. Fitch Served 4 wines paired with 4 delicious courses and explained the wines and why he had chosen them… It made for a very interesting and fun evening! The guests at the table ranged from novices like my self to wine experts who shared along the way and learned from Sr. Fitch and his vast knowledge. In the beginning of the evening we were all given a menu and info on the wines were we could jot notes down as we went along and enjoyed.

The first was a Sherry Tio Pepe Palomino Fino Xeres from Spain that we enjoyed with Crostini with Tapenade and Shrimp! it was so very tasty!

Second came the Filet of Grouper with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto that Sr. Fitch chose to pair with Sauvigonon Blanc Sun 35 from Chile, another GREAT Choice and DELICIOUS!

After came Certified Angus Beef Ribeye in 3 Pepper Sauce that was paired with Merlot Santa Rita Reserva and was absolutely PERFECT in every way!

To top the evening off was a Chocalte mouse that Sr. Fitch prepared and paired with Sparkling Wine Chandon Rose from Mendoza Argentina.

The evening was spectacular! The Guests truly enjoyed the Wines, Food and Learning more from Sr. Luis Fitch with his presentation on each wine as the evening progressed. During the evening he used a presentation he had prepared explaining each wine via his computer sharing with us about the wine and the region it came from!

As a novice I learned a lot and the Experts that were there learned things they had not known before and we enjoyed a delicious array of food along the way!

And at the end of the evening we were treated to some lovely Dominican Music Played by the “Strolling Musicians” that are here at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana! A lovely end to a lovely evening.

Remember if you are coming to Zoetry Agua Punta Cana to check and see if you can get a seat at the Wine Pairing Dinner that is going to be a regular feature here.

In closing I want to mention that Sr. Fitch is the Manager and having met and spoken with him while I have been here his passion goes beyond Culinary Experience and Wine, it carries over to caring for the satisfaction of his guests and the detail of every aspect of the resort and making the guest experience truly both Memorable and Magical!

and the Leopardo Boys!