#Great Groupon Deal for #Apothecary Wellness

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Just found a #GreatGrouponDeal for #ApothecaryWellness

Here is the link…check it out!


I love this place! Great Location! Great Services! Great Staff!

A Real #WinWinWin4SURE

Apothecary Wellness Spring Wellness Deal Ying Yang Facial Treatment with Miranda Black Review ( a little late )

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On August 25th I had the WONDERFUL Ying Yang Facial Treatment which was part of The Spring Wellness Deal with Miranda Black as my Therapist.

LOVE Apothecary Wellness.  Their location in Federal Hill, close to Downtown Baltimore, Inner Harbor and Locust Point where I live is easy to get to and when you walk in you are greeted in a friendly manner and then taken back to the waiting area which is relaxing and very ZEN like!

This was my first time with Miranda and will not be my last!  She impressed me with her knowledge, intuitive touch and skilled hands making me feel 10 years younger once she was done.

The Ying Yang Facial was truly relaxing and rejuvenating!  So relaxing I think I may have fallen asleep on the table as Miranda worked her magic.  I loved the lovely hand massage as the mask she put on my face was doing its magic.

By the time my treatment was over I really did feel Renewed.  I recommend Apothecary Wellness and any and all of its marvelous treatments and services.  I also recommend Miranda Black highly she is a “Facial Magician” who made me feel pampered and look younger!

A Visit To Apothecary Wellness Always a Treat For Body and Soul

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Earlier this summer I purchased this package and Today I’m here to Savor My SPAtastic Moment!

Head-to-Toe Summer Relief ~
60 min. Custom Massage
Plus a 15 min. Scalp & Hair Treatment
Plus a 15 min. Summer Foot refresher
Relax your weary muscles with our 60 min. custom massage, then your locks will be rescued from the sun and water damage with our Scalp and Hair Treatment. Using Dr.Hauschka’s Neem Hair Oil and warm moist towels your hair will once again shine with luster. Lastly your feet will be refreshed with our Summer Foot Refresher – we use our home-made organic scrub to exfoliate and soften, then your feet are massaged with cold stones and BioFreeze to invigorate and soothe your tired feet.


The Spa at Secrets in Jamaica…LOVE IT!

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Yesterday I went to the Spa and along the way captured some pictures that I’d like to share with you…

This is my third trip here, my first was right after the opening and I couldn’t help thinking yesterday as I was strolling to the spa how much it has blossomed truly making this a first class resort!

The grounds have all grown in now…with the plantings so beautiful … The walk along the pathway is both restful and relaxing. I loved hearing the birds singing as I was strolling to the spa! And the whimsical Sculpture and fountain along the way, so many touches that just add to the experience! I LOVE “Spa-ing” and getting there is part of the FUN at this property!

The Spa here is not only beautiful and has many state of the art features within it, they are also staffed by very talented therapists and support staff.

First I toured the Spa with Cordillia who took me to my locker and then showed me around again. Another feature that has grown into a lovely area is the Moon and Stars Garden Area just outside the Revive Resting Area on the 1st floor. Its a lovely Manicured Garden Area where they do Outdoor Sunset and Moonlight Massage Packages where you can experience the elements of nature including the sound of the Ocean! LOVE THAT!

On the Second Floor of the Spa are the Therapy Rooms and another relaxing area all done in a soothing and relaxing decor. I had a Swedish Massage with Joan who I know from Previous Visits here. She is a lovely lady who made the experience magical for me. She along with the rest of the Spa Staff have a gift for transporting you to another place!

When I left I felt not only Revived and Renewed but also blessed in the fact that I was here and alive.

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I highly recommend a visit to the Spa here! They have many wonderful treatments along with a beauty shop where you can get your hair and nails done! Also you can purchase a pass to use only the Steam, Sauna and Aqua Therapy Pool! Make sure to check them out while you are here! You won’t regret it!

LOVE The Spa at Dreams Puerto Vallarta

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The Spa here at Dreams Puerto Vallarta is both Intimate and Warm and has a Magical Feel about it! I LOVE IT!

When you come into the Spa Reception area you are greeted with a lovely aroma that lets you know right away…you are going to be transported to CALM! Checking in at the spa is easy, you fill out a typical form asking questions about your health and any specific areas you may want to have worked on…and then you are taken back into the changing areas which are separate for men and ladies.

The lighting is dimmed and lit by candle light (sorry some of my pics with flash show it brighter than it actually is) The Ambiance is another touch that transports you to CALM! Once you have changed into your robe you can then use the Sauna and Steam room to relax and also go up to the Outdoor Jacuzzi on the Roof. This is one of my FAV Places on the resort! Such lovely views and so very relaxing too

After using the Jacuzzi you are met by your therapist and taken to the Treatment Room where you will be receiving your Service. Many of the Treatments include a “Foot Cleansing Ritual” which is a lovely touch, you are seated in a chair and your feet are immersed in a warm scented water bath in a large bowl and your therapist will scrub and massage your feet and legs with a scrub…mine was Papaya and the aroma was DELICIOUS as was the feel of it… truly a Magical Experience!

Then you get on the table that is beautifully prepared with fresh and comfortable linens and the service begins with the ringing of the small and sweet sounding chimes….after being transported through your service it ends the same way again with the chimes…I LOVE THAT Ritual of the chimes…it adds such a Magical Touch to the entire experience!

I had the Hot Stone Massage and when finished was a NEW WOMAN and any stress that I had was completely gone!

There are many services at the spa and you can request a spa menu with pricing from either Rosa who is the Spa Manager (I know her from Dreams Riviera Cancun, a lovely lady!) Or you can contact Bethy who posts on the Dreams Puerto Vallarta Fan page here is their contact info




Hope you enjoy the slide show, there are about 60 shots in it…I wanted to share the Magical Feel that the Spa here at Dreams Puerto Vallarta has…so sit back with a beverage of your choice and enjoy!

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Dreams Villamagna Spa

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The Spa at Dreams Villamagna truly is an oasis of Relaxation and Luxury. The Staff there is dedicated to pampering the guests and truly do just that!

Upon signing in and filling out a small questionnaire you are taken to the dressing room to your locker where you will find neatly tucked in your slippers for the day, a robe, and bottle of water. Its best to wear or bring your bathing suit so you can take full advantage of the Hydra Therapy Facilities

After you change… you are taken to the Hydra Therapy Room that is so very relaxing there are two round Jacuzzi one with warm and one with cooler water, the steam and sauna rooms are both just off the large Hydro Therapy room. My Favorite Features are the two very largo Hydra Therapy Circuit pools! One has the Jets of water for your shoulders in fact 2 different kinds and those amazing “water beds” that are amazing…they are steel rods that are shaped like a couch and when you lie on them you are massaged by water….OH SO HEAVENLY!

The other pool right next to it has a station that you stand on and the water bubbles up between your toes and legs massaging you and relaxing you so nicely! Also there is seating in that pool so you can experience Jacuzzi on your legs and back!

A very nice feature of the spa is the fact that its partially open air and the view from the lounge chairs over those two pools is so tropical and relaxing along with the ambient music that play….it truly takes you away to you Zen Place!

They have many Therapies to choose from both for Ladies and Men, they offer Couples Treatments also and their Therapy rooms are fit for all types of treatments. Some even have a lovely massage tub and shower in the room so you can experience a body scrub and wrap and in the same room you have a lovely shower available to rinse off! Every Detail of Luxury and Relaxation!

Below is a slide show of Dreams Villamagna when I was there I enjoyed the facilities completely and had something new that is not quite yet on the spa menu but Luis the Spa Manager told me that this is something they are planning on putting on that menu. It is the 4 handed Massage. The one I had was called Ying and Yang as I had a both a male and female working on me for one hour it was out of this world AMAZING! I had 4 hand massage about 15 years ago in St. Lucia and can say that this one here at Dreams Villamagna was oh so much better! An hour of BLISS!

After Ying and Yang I enjoyed a body wrap of Mexican Aloe that hydrated my skin and smelled oh so fresh and relaxed my body and senses even more! It was nice to have the shower right there in the room so I could rinse off privately with out having to travel to another area as sometimes happens in some spas.

To find out more about the Spa at Dreams Villmagna you can check their Webpage:


This would also be a great experience to “gift” someone you love who is going to be staying here. I’d suggest reaching out to Brenda their E-Concierge. She can give you more information and pricing of treatments and even help you customize your experience at the spa. Its a great gift to give someone you LOVE and YOURSELF TOO! Here is Brendas FaceBook Page


Here is The Slide Show of Dreams Villamagna Spa! LOVE IT!

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The Spa at Secrets Marquis Los Cabos

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The Spa at Secrets Marquis Los Cabos is truly a Respite to Relax and Rejuvinate! From the Decor throughout the spa to the two lovely relaxing areas both inside and out your mind slows to a gentle pace and you start to feel at Peace with yourself!

I enjoyed both of the Relaxing Areas! Outside is lovely with the Jacuzzis and the Plunge Pool that is located just below one of the Signature Waterfalls at Secrets Marquis!

Inside the Relaxing Area also has a Watefall Wall Feature that has a very soothing effect while you are waiting for your Therapist.

Below is a slide show from my visit to the Spa while I was there I had a lovely 80 minute Signature Aroma Therapy Massage. It was a lovely way to end my day… I recommend the spa and any of their treatments while you are there!

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