Amresorts Engages Socially with it Guests

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AMResorts Engages Socially with it Guests\

Each of the AMResorts Brands not only has their own FaceBook Fanpage where they interact with their guests, They also use Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube to stay in touch with their guests too!

Here is a link that will get you to their “Stay Connected” page and you are then just a CLICK away from “Engaging Socially” with some of the nicest folks around!

Reach out to them and see why I love AMResorts and their Brands of Resorts and Why they are called the “Masters of Vacation Innovation”!!!

Masters of Vacation Innovation.
AMResorts is North America’s fastest growing luxury leisure resort company.

AMResorts, founded in 2001, has reached a decade of unparalleled success providing sales, marketing and brand management services by offering high quality Endless Privileges®, Unlimited-Luxury® and Unlimited-Fun® vacations to the luxury leisure market. The young, entrepreneurial management of AMResorts has blended its fresh spirit and innovative thinking with

E-Concierge? Who, What, When and Where?

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Recently AMResorts Brands of Resorts have added E-Concierge to each of their Brands! Sunscape, Dreams, Now, Secrets, Zoetry!

WHO are they? They are some AMAZING Gals and Guys who not only post on The Resorts FaceBook Fanpages.

WHAT do they do? They Share their love of their Hotel on Facebook, some Tweet on Twitter, Some post on Trip Advisor but ALL Love to share their Resort and strive to make their guests experience the very best it can be!

WHEN can you find them? Almost ALL the time! Check out the Resort FaceBook Fanpage and you can find them…posting fun pics, sharing Spa Promos and so much more! You can find them anytime too via email they love chatting with guests anytime via the FaceBook Fanpages, Direct Messages on FaceBook and Answering Emails.

WHERE can you find them? Of course on the FaceBook Fanpages! That is where you will find them the most because its such a great resource to reach out and discover all the FUN things that each Resort has to offer! Many times you will find them at the Resort too. They are always looking for ways to interact with their guests and make the guests visit a Magical and Memorable One!

The Link Below will get you to the “Stay Connected Page” where you will find ALL of the Social Media Contact Links and info for each of the AMResorts Brands

Zoetry, Secrets, Dreams, Now and Sunscape, each have their own Blogs, Fanpage on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Youtube.

I’d suggest you check them out and meet each of the E-concierge! They are special People who want your time at their Resort to be A Magical Memory that you will keep in your heart to re-live time and time again.

Last Morning Dilemma…Beach, Bath or Shower???

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Today is my last day here at Secrets in Jamaica and my “Last Morning Dilemma was … Beach, Bath or Shower???

The Bath won out! I am in love with the Jacuzzi Bath in my room and couldn’t resist taking one more lovely, relaxing, massaging soak in it! I’m going to miss it..along with so many sweet moments that I’ve enjoyed here!

Last days are so bitter sweet. And this week seems to have flown by…

Will be posting more as I’ve collected so many great pics while I’ve been here. This place is made for great pictures! What with perfect Sunsets, Great Beach and Calm Ocean and Friendly Staff. The Secrets are Sweet in Jamaica at Secrets Wild Orchid and Secrets St. James

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A little slide show…showing my choices of Beach, Bath or Shower. Did I tell you I LOVE the Jacuzzi TUB!

Shopping Made Easy and FUN here at Secrets in Jamaica!

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LOVE The Signature Shop and Handcraft Shops here at Secrets in Jamaica! They are Treasure Troves for shopping for Necessities and Souvenirs alike!

They are open from 8am until 10 pm everyday. Right now there are 2 shops, but soon they will be expanding to 3. They are located in the “Shopping Plaza” near the Coco Cafe. Just off the main lobby of Secrets Wild Orchid. Both shops are staffed with helpful and friendly folks and managed by Mrs. Bernadette Dunn.

Mrs. Dunn has a fashion flair and the shops show that in what they carry!

I loved that all kinds of Resort Wear is offered for all types of figures, being a “fluffy lady” myself…I always appreciate that! They have logo wear with the Secrets Logo and all types of tee shirts along with things you may have forgotten or TSA or the airline may have taken…like hair clips, scissors, swim goggles and more. I was truly impressed at the VARIETY!

So impressed I think I took over 200 pictures in both stores! The slide show doesn’t contain all 200 but I hope it will give you an idea of what you can find and FUN you will have once you enter the shops! Shopping is FUN and Easy here at both Secrets St. James and Secrets Wild Orchid!

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Remember to stop in and Visit The Signature Shop and Handcraft Shop while here and check them out! They are great to pick up items you may need quickly and to shop for fashions you just MUST HAVE! Also think about gifting opportunities for Tropical Birthday and Christmas Gifting!

You can “Walk on Water” @Secrets in Jamaica!

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Can you walk on water? Well you can TRY to here at Secrets in Jamaica!

Yesterday as I was passing by the pool I got to see a fun group of friends in the pool with the latest FUN Activity…The Aqua Ball! And let me tell you they were having a BALL!

Hope you enjoy this little slideshow with pics and video clips showing the Aqua Ball!

You get in, they fill it up with air and then you walk your way to the pool and they “PLOP” you in! And then the FUN Begins!

Everyone was laughing and enjoying…the folks in the ball and all of us by the pool enjoying the show! WHAT FUN! There is always something fun going on here!

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So make sure to be on the look out when you are at Secret in Jamaica for the Aqua Ball and see if you can “Walk on Water”

Breakfast Time @ Secrets in Jamaica

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Breakfast Time @Secerts in Jamaica is FUN for you and your taste buds! So many choices! From Cereals, to a Variety of Breads, Eggs, Bacon and Sausage and tasty Jamaican Treats too. So you can be adventurous and try things that perhaps you haven’t had…or stick to what you always like.

I suggest trying a few new things while you are here! I love the Akee and also the fish in the morning with breakfast! Yesterday I had the French Toast Brule…and was it ever good! YUMMY!!!

Each day you will find a large array of food there and the staff is always so happy! Its not unusual that you will hear singing and the voices are like angels from heaven!

Breakfast at the World Cafe here truly is an experience you don’t want to miss.

When leaving just outside you will find a lovely fountain…so bring some change with you so you can toss some coins in! The coins go to helping an Outreach Program here for the Kids of Jamaica.

You can also donate items to the program…check with Caulette or Guest Services if you bring things they will be happy to help.

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Hope you enjoy the little slide show of Breakfast at the World Cafe

FUN FOOD at Secrets in Jamaica!

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Today was a FUN day even though a few drops of liquid sunshine fell everyone here had a great time! It only lasted a few minutes and then it was gone and the sun came out again and the FUN in the SUN continued the rest of the day!

Discovered the Barefoot Grill today! Its located between Secrets St. James and Wild Orchid and its a fun place for a snack or light lunch. They serve Hot Dogs and Hamburgers along with Nachos and Cheese…but my FAV are the Jamaican Chicken Patties and Veggie Fritters YUM YUM!!! They have cold sodas served up in a canoe! And Infused waters available too!

Tonights dining experience was at Himitsu at the Show Cooking Table! What FUN! They start you out with some Sushi and then move on to soup, you can choose spicy shrimp or misu. I had the Misu Soup and it was so good! Then the show begins as the cook prepares your meal right before your eyes! Shrimp, Chicken, Beef and all the fixin’s like fried Rice and veggies! The food was GREAT! Its a fun experience and one I recommend you try when you are here!

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Hope you enjoy the slideshow and video clip!

The Spa at Secrets in Jamaica…LOVE IT!

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Yesterday I went to the Spa and along the way captured some pictures that I’d like to share with you…

This is my third trip here, my first was right after the opening and I couldn’t help thinking yesterday as I was strolling to the spa how much it has blossomed truly making this a first class resort!

The grounds have all grown in now…with the plantings so beautiful … The walk along the pathway is both restful and relaxing. I loved hearing the birds singing as I was strolling to the spa! And the whimsical Sculpture and fountain along the way, so many touches that just add to the experience! I LOVE “Spa-ing” and getting there is part of the FUN at this property!

The Spa here is not only beautiful and has many state of the art features within it, they are also staffed by very talented therapists and support staff.

First I toured the Spa with Cordillia who took me to my locker and then showed me around again. Another feature that has grown into a lovely area is the Moon and Stars Garden Area just outside the Revive Resting Area on the 1st floor. Its a lovely Manicured Garden Area where they do Outdoor Sunset and Moonlight Massage Packages where you can experience the elements of nature including the sound of the Ocean! LOVE THAT!

On the Second Floor of the Spa are the Therapy Rooms and another relaxing area all done in a soothing and relaxing decor. I had a Swedish Massage with Joan who I know from Previous Visits here. She is a lovely lady who made the experience magical for me. She along with the rest of the Spa Staff have a gift for transporting you to another place!

When I left I felt not only Revived and Renewed but also blessed in the fact that I was here and alive.

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I highly recommend a visit to the Spa here! They have many wonderful treatments along with a beauty shop where you can get your hair and nails done! Also you can purchase a pass to use only the Steam, Sauna and Aqua Therapy Pool! Make sure to check them out while you are here! You won’t regret it!


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Today was a GREAT DAY for a Fashion Show!

The Signature Shop managed by Mrs. Bernadette Dunn and her staff provided a GREAT FASHION SHOW by the Pool Deck at Secrets Wild Orchid. Guests were the models and everyone enjoyed themselves!

The Signature shop has some really great fashions and todays show really showed them off! I recommend if you are looking for resort wear…stop by the Signature Shop it has all kinds of fashions from Dresses, to tops and bottoms…hats and bags and tee shirts and so much more! They carry all kinds of things you may need while here…SPF Sun Block, Cigarettes, Snacks, Post Cards and so much more.

I’ll be doing another slide show and blog post telling you more but wanted to share today’s fashion show with you since it was so much fun and gives a smattering of what you can find there.

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The Signature Shop along with the Handcraft Shop is located in the Shopping Plaza just aside of Coco Cafe…CHECK IT OUT!

Around and About Secrets Vallarta Bay

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After a delicious breakfast at Market Cafe this morning I decided to take a walk and snap some pics to share so you can get a flavor of what is in store for you!

Breakfast was Great at Market Cafe, I chose to eat on the terrace and order from the menu, had the Chilaquilles with green sauce and it was SO GOOD!

After I headed right and went on the path that let me to the lovely hammock area! Then up to a lovely Veranda View and got some nice shots from up there! You will see shots of the pools, Oceana, Barefoot Grill, the great entertainment team, the sunken sunbathing pool (LOVE IT!) and more… The beach with Palypas mucho shade around on both the beach and pools area!

Hope you enjoy… Am loving the vibe here at Secrets Vallarta Bay!

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