Wine Tasting and Wine Paring Dinners at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana!

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One of the Sweet Secrets at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana is the Wine Tasting and the Wine Paring Dinners that they have!

David Barreiro Canda who is the Food and Beverage Director along with Pascal Messier who is the Executive Chef at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana have come up with these great Events!

David held a Wine Tasting while I was there last week that I was lucky enough to attend and found very informative and interesting. The guests who attended ranged from novice like myself to experts and all in between!

The Wine Tasting Event is listed in the SUNdial Newsletter that you receive each evening at Turn Down Service so make sure to check so you don’t miss it or ask at Concierge to see when it will be when you are visiting the resort. The Wine Pairing dinner is usually a day or two after the Wine Tasting and by invitation, again you can ask at concierge.

Setting up for the Wine Tasting Event in front of Casa Bella in the afternoon

David included four wines in the tasting and printed information for us to take away with us. I enjoyed that part because the pamphlet was very informative along with Davids sharing I learned a lot about the wines and the history and what to look for when tasting.

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It was a lovely afternoon activity for sure!

When I first arrived at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana David had prepared a Wine Pairing Dinner for me

It will give you an idea of what a Wine Pairing Dinner will include!

It was a wonderful meal and all the wines were very good!

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I recommend the Wine Tasting and the Wine Paring Dinner for sure while you are visiting Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana!

Kudos To David and to Pascal for all of the AMazing Things they are doing there!

Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana…where the SECRETS are OH SO SWEET!

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Good Morning Blogoshpere! The Leopardo Boys and I arrived here at Secrets Sanctuary Can Cana yesterday and have been posting on their FaceBook Fanpages..

You can check out the pics here:

Right now we are heading to the Spa…its quite SPA-tastic, already have some pics of it in the above album….

Make sure to follow us on our AMazing Adventure here at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana!

and the leopardo boys

Woo Woo…Get on Board the Divine Dominican Tour!


Hola and Buenos Dias!

So today I saw on the calendar that in 35 days Leopardo Laptop and I will be starting our … AMazing AMResorts Adventure called the Divine Dominican Tour! Where DREAMS come TRUE! Secrets will be REVEALED and Leopardo Laptop and I will be Living Life with ART at Zoetry!

We are beyond excited to be going back to visit all of our extended Familia in the Dominican Republic!

We are going to have our fist stop at Dreams Palm Beach! LOVE IT THERE! And its only 20 minutes from the airport! The Layout is so compact and beautiful! A DREAM COME TRUE 4 SURE!

Then we will head further down the road to Dreams Punta Cana…ah…such SWEET DREAMS always come true there! The pool is a fabulous feature that runs the whole length of the resort from the lobby all the way down to the BEACH! And there is always something FUN going on there!

Next on the Divine Dominican Tour will be Zoetry Agua Punta Cana! Oh Leopardo and I just cannot wait to get back there! Our last visit was so wonderful and so much has happened since then we can’t wait to experience it… Zoetry truly is where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet to make MAGIC! And Zoetry Agua has so much MAGIC, from the AMazing Views all about the resort, to the SUNrises and the SUNsets, the Beautiful Beach…and lets not forget the staff and their devotion to the guests happiness!

From there we head over to Dreams LaRomana! Its where Leopardo and I first fell in LOVE with AMResorts and what they stand for…that is… AMazing Vacations and SO MUCH MORE!!! Dreams La Romana truly does have a special place in our hearts along with its DREAM TEAM that always ROCKS our WORLD! Snorkeling from the beach is just one of the many things that keeps us going back time and again to Dreams LaRomana!

Our last stop…is going to be Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana! We believe this to truly be a JEWEL of the AMresort Brands! The Architecture alone is spectacular! The Variety of rooms offered are MANY and the Secrets Staff and Management there truly are AMazing making guests stay a SWEET SECRET they enjoy sharing!

While Leopardo and I are visiting each of the resorts we will be doing LIVE FROM…with Blogging, Tweeting and posting on Facebook to share the SWEET DREAMS AND SECRETS and ZEN Moments of ZOETRY with all of you!

We hope that you will be joining us! And while we are there we will be happy to take pictures or try to get answeres for any questions you may have… Because Leopardo Laptop and I are all about “Spreading the LOVE, Sharing the DREAMS, Revealing the SECRETS and Living life with ART as in ZOETRY and being in the MOMENT of NOW”!

Getting Ready for Aprils AMazing AMResorts Adventure aka The DIVINE DOMINICAN TOUR!

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Hola and Buenos Dias Todas!

Today I sadly found I was having problems getting my YouTube and Google mail to do what I want! GRR! I hate that! But as many of you know…hehehe…jajaja…you cannot keep the old babe down for long! So I started another YOUTube account so I can be on line and do both! This is the link to my New Channel

I just loaded a video up from last years trip to Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana and will be loading more from the other resorts I visited as time goes on… as practice so when I am down “doing the Divine Dominican Tour” in April it will be a smooth process!

Hope you all will be following Leopardo Laptop and myself as we are on our AMazing AMResorts Adventure in April! We will be Blogging, Tweeting and having FUN and want to share it all with YOU!

and leopardo laptop