Dreams Cancun…Sweet DREAMS and 200+ pics!

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Leopardo and I just LOVE DREAMS CANCUN! What can we say…Great Location and AMazing DREAM TEAM in place!

We had such a good time catching up with Dear Friends and embracing NEW Familia while we were there!

Click on the link below to check out why Leopardo Laptop and I just LOVE Dreams Cancun! We feasted with new and old freinds, got to enjoy the spa there…one of our FAVS, saw our Dolphin Friends and so much more…a visit that was way too brief but we still managed to take over 200 pics!


We got to meet the Famous Elana and Eduardo! They have been coming to the hotel for over 30 years! They and the DREAM TEAM and some friends sat down and had a DREAMY FEAST for LUNCH! They even had a Leopardo Table Cloth in honor of Leopardo! LOVE THE DREAM TEAM at Dreams Cancun!

Love and Miss Dreams Cancun but carry them all in our heart til we return again!

As always we are just a click away if any one has any questions you can reach us at


and leopardo laptop

Secrets Silversands Sweet Secrets are shared…over 200 photos!

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Tonight Leopardo Laptop is sharing SWEET SILVER SECRETS, the ones we loved at Secrets Silversands!


If you click on the link above you can share those SILVER SECRETS! We loved Secrets Silversands…The pics show the room we had in the Preferred Club, along with the Spa, and Dinner in the Wine Celler, lunch at Oceana and so much more.

Hope you enjoy looking at them and of course I would be happy to try and answer any questions you may have. We loved our stay there and keep Secrets Silversands in our hearts til we return again!

and leopardo laptop

Zoetry Parasio de la Bonita, Where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet more than 300 pics UP!

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Leopardo and I LOVE Zoetry Parasio de la Bonita…and we truly believe that it is “Where LIFE, ART and ZEN and Make MAGIC”

We found so Many Magical Moments at Zoetry Parasio de la Bonita that we would like to share with you as we just posted them ALL 300 plus of them at Webshots:


There are pics of the Presidential Suite, The Spa, The 2 pools both the main pool and Thalasso pool by the spa, Food Pics and so much more.

Please feel free to take a look and share some of the “LIFE, ART and ZEN” that was so Magical at Zoetry Parasio de la Bonita and why Leopardo and I LOVE IT so!

As always if anyone has any questions I’m always happy to try and answer you can reach me at

and leopardo laptop

Dreams Riviera Cancun…as seen with bb and leopardo laptop

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Leopardo is missing Mexico and his friends at Dreams Riviera Cancun…so we just went through out pics of our stay there and posted over 500 pics and videos.


If you click on the link above you too can see Dreams Riviera Cancun through our eyes… We loved our stay there from the Master Suite with that gorgeous view…to the SPA which is so relaxing and has great services…to the beach and all the FUN activities that are always going on…so make sure and check your SUNdial Newsletter each day so you don’t miss out on a thing!

Leopardo and I loved our time there! So go and enjoy and have SWEET DREAMS!

and leopardo laptop

Hola Buenos Dias…from B’more…

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Poor Leopardo…he is suffering from “Missing Mexico”..he has a VERY Serious case of MM and I am not sure what to do for the poor baby! Other than to work on getting that “Re-cap” of the trip up…

AND, yes I am working on that…right now I am crafting the blog post and will be inserting pics and such into it overt he next few days and when its done will post it!

It sure was a MAGICAL MAYAN Adventure for Leopardo! He met so many wonderful friends and family along the way… He loved the “Jaguars” at Zoetry! And the Little Leopardo who came to visit him at NOW Jade! And all the Leopardo Touches at NOW Sapphire! Oh and the Leoprdo Table Cloth at lunch at Dreams Cancun…is it any wonder the poor BOY is MM (Missing Mexico)!

He loves to travel and this past year of 2010 he has been a jet setter for sure!

We began the year with the “Divine Dominican Tour”! Where he and I got to visit Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana and ALL the 3 SWEET DREAMS , Dreams LaRomana, Dreams Palm Beach and Dreams Punta Cana and finished the tour at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana! WOW WHATTA AN AMazing Adventure that one was!

Then a quick flight to Los Cabos in March! “Lovin’ LIFE in LOS Cabos”… That is where we Fell in love with LIFE and another Zoetry…Zoetry Casa Del Mar Los Cabos…or as Leopardo and I call it Zoetry Casa Del MARvelous…because it was! We also went to Dreams Los Cabos and met their DREAM TEAM who we had been writing to over the past few years its always such fun to meet in person folks who have been so nice via emails! WE love that!

Then came April and my Birthday….Leopardo loves to take me away for my Birthday…and I love it because WHY should I turn another year older in B’more when I can be in Paradise and ease my way into that NEW YEAR OF AGE…LOL! The Year LL took me to Jamaica…to visit our friends at both SECRETS Wild Orchid and SECRET St. James! WOW did we love our time there! We even did the Luminous Lagoon Tour and it was MAGICAL! The 2 Secrets in Jamaica share a lot of great things and our time there was a SWEET SECRET that we loved Sharing!

Then that brings us to our last trip…The Magical Mayan Mystery Tour…2 weeks of bliss in Mexico on the Mayan Coast…Magic in Mexico…

If you would like to see pics of the trips…you can click the link below!

Dreams Cancun…our DREAMS come true in CANCUN!


Alas our last stop…on the Magical Mayan Myster Tour… September 17th Dreams Cancun…Leopardo and I love it here! Such a SWEET DREAM with such a GREAT LOCATION! Right there on the TIP so close to so much! And I love looking up at the Dreams Tower and seeing the beautiful Logo!

Dreams Cancun[/cap

Beautiful Glass Artwork in the Lobby at Dreams Cancun

Dreams Cancun

Dreams Cancun where DREAMS come TRUE


In the main lobby the beauiful glass artwork with all the blue hearts…always touches my heart and makes me smile, I just LOVE IT! I love the way that throughout the day as the light changes it too seems to change…

Dreams Cancun

Concierge in the Main Lobby at Dreams Cancun

The Concierge Team in the main building is located also in the lobby and they really are so helpful and guest oriented always wanting to make sure that thier guests DREAMS come TRUE!

Dreams Cancun

World Cafe at Breakfast

The World Cafe at Dreams Cancun has such a special feel to it always….but in the morning its a buzz with folks and filled with YUMMY breakfast choices…I love the tropical feel that it has! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is served here and I always have found plenty of great choices plus the service is top notch!

Dreams Cancun

Breakfast at World Cafe

One of my VERY FAV things about Dreams Cancun are the DOLPHINS that live there! If you are lucky enough to book a Dolphin Room or suite you get to watch them anytime you want! I LOVE THAT!

And if you want to swim with the Dolphins you can make arrangements with Concierge or Delphinius right there at Dreams Cancun…no need to travel very far… I did this 2 years agon and the experience lives me and still makes me smile!

Dreams Cancun

LOVE the Dolphins at Dreams Cancun

Check out this video of someone swimming with the Dolphins! They are truly amazing and beautiful creatures who capture your heart!

A commentary on Dreams Cancun from me wouldn’t be complete unless I mentioned the Spa! And the Spa at Dreams Cancun is not to be missed! It has such a special feel..and the staff is both talented and caring! This pic is of the Relaxing Area…truly takes you away to a ZEN Place for sure!

Dreams Cancun

Spa Relaxing Area

First time I saw the showers with the touch of the outdoors I was suprised but they are very private and having that touch of nature while you are showering is a really freeing experience!

Dreams Cancun

Spa Shower with a VIEW

Oh…and the outdoor Jacuzzi and relaxing area..with views of the Ocean…another ZEN like moment that is not to be missed!

Dreams Cancun

Spa Gorgeous Outdoor Jacuzzi and Rest Area

This next video I wasn’t sure if I should share…its kind of personal…but the room shows off so well in it I decided to include it. Its a suite in the Preferred Club Tower at Dreams Cancun…I have stayed in this room a few times over the years…but last year was my birthday and my friends at Concierge had decorated the room for me as a suprise! I think you will hear my suprise and how it touched me in my voice in the video… Dreams Cancun and their DREAM TEAM truly are amazing and I count myself lucky to have met and known many of them and have them as friends.

When I was there last year for my birthday some friends suprised me with a birthday party…We ended up after a special treat ( a lovely boat ride around Cancun ) at the Swing Bar on the Beach.

Dreams Cancun

Birthday Surprise by the SWING BAR

Here is a cute pic of how they celebrated Easter last year…its in the lobby and I am with part of the DREAM TEAM! The kids at the resort loved the Easter Bunny and the Turtle is always around because “Sunny” is the Mascot for the Explorers Club! Which by the way is really GREAT for the kids!

Dreams Cancun

Last Easter and My B'day at Dreams Cancun

Leopardo Laptop and I cannot wait to get back to re-visit Dreams Cancun and we hope that you will be follwing us on the hotels Facebook Fanpage:


And here are some links that I think you will enjoy about the resort…

Their Webpage:


The resort interactive map…very cool feature!


and info on the Dolphin Experience


Leopardo and I love Dreams Cancun and think you will too! If any of you are there when we are please come and say HI! We love meeting new friends! and for those of you who won’t be there please join us via CyberSpace as we post LIVE FROM and “Share our SWEET DREAM” of Dreams Cancun!

and leopardo laptop

Secrets are sometimes SILVER…Secrets Silversands that is!


Secrets Silversands on September 15th is where Leopardo and I will be!

We LOVE Secrets Silversands…The Place has such a South Beach VIBE and the Staff is so attentive, friendly and GREAT at what they do!

We have been there twice before and keep coming back because the “Secrets are so SWEET at Secrets Silversands”

Secrets Silversands

Secrets Silversands

You feel like you are in another world when you are there!

Secrets Silversands

Pool at Secrets Silversands

The pool is GORGEOUS and the views from the pool equally as gorgeous…I love having lunch at Seaside Grill and watching all the folks having fun in that pool!

Secrets Silversands

Oceanfront Preferred Club Suite

The Preferred Club Ocean Front Suite was a WOW for sure! Recommed it HIGHLY! Beautifully detailed and very comfortable, plenty of room and great views too! The BED is so comfortable and the sheets…ahhh…”UNlimited LUXURY”!

Secrets Silversands

View from my room last year

The VIEWS all around the resort are great! Loved this one from my room last year! WHATTA VIEW!!! I can’t wait to be back and either can Leopardo Laptop!

Secrets Silversands

Lunch at Seaside

Above is a pic of Lunch being served at the Seaside Grill! Delish! Everything I had while I was there was GREAT! What can I say…other than CHEF MARIO and his AMazing TEAM CAN COOK! LOL! Victor of Food and Beverage makes sure that all the aspects of Beverage and FOOD are TOP NOTCH!

We always like to go to the SPA too! And the Spa at Secrets Silversands is one of our VERY FAVS! I hope some of these pics show you why…it is off the charts AMazing!!! From Reception to Treatment Areas to the outside area…I can’t even begin to show and tell you how much I love it!

Secrets  Silversands

Spa Reception at Secrets Silversands

Secrets Silversands

The most AMAZING FACIAL at Secrets Silversands

Make sure and order Room Service while there…what a treat to have breakfast, lunch or dinner on your patio or balcony…I had breakfast on my patio on the morning I was leaving…I just couldn’t bear to leave that VIEW!

Secrets Silversands

Room Service Breakfast at Secrets Silversands

The night before leaving I was partying in the lobby bar Rendevouz with some friend! What FUN! Rendevouz is ALIVE all the time but at night it really shines! Great place for before or after dinner drinks… and remember too also to go out side to the Veranda Bar! Live Music and SUCH FUN!

Secrets Silversands

FUN in the Lobby with Friends

Leopardo was very sad he had to leave Secrets Silversands…but when I told him we would be back he was happy! Right now he is very happy because he knows he will be home to see all of his many friends and meet new onces too!

He is looking forward to meeting ZUKO! And saying hello to both Mauricio and Salvador…Leopardo and I both LOVE Secrets Silversands and all the SWEET SECRETS that are there waiting to be revealed!

Secrets Silversands

Leopardo was sad to leave

For those of you who are thinking of going…we would like to suggest you check them out their website:


Make sure and hit the explore button on the top of the banner at the top of the page..you can take a virtual tour and also see the map…you can scroll over the map and pictures will pop up… Don’t you just LOVE Technology! Leopardo and I sure do!

Remember too to follow us on Facebook on their fanpage…as we will be posting LIVE FROM while we are there!


WE would love to Share our SWEET SECRETS with all of you! So if you have any questions…please let us know we will do our best to get pics and videos for you!

and Leopardo Laptop