The Divine Dominican Tour lives on…

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Its hard to believe that The Divine Dominican Tour is over … The Leopardo Boys and I had such a great time when we were there and the memories and magical moments will live in our heart 4 SURE!

While we were there we Blogged, Tweeted and shared on both Facebook and Youtube!

Below is a one stop shop type of link that you can check out to “Stay Connected” with each of the Brands that the Leopardo Boys and I got to visit! Its a GREAT RESOURCE!

I love popping on the the FaceBook Fanpages to get a REAL DEAL FEEL of the excitement of guests who are both going or have been or better yet there posting LIVE FROM like the Leopardo Boys and I did!

YouTube is such FUN too! Great Vids both professional and REAL DEAL FEEL from vacationers who want to SHARE THE DREAM and MORE! Which reminds me I have a bunch of vids I need to put up on my YouTube Channel…

The BLOGS for each of the resorts is great too! I love reading them to see whats new and exciting and LOVE the way that they share recipes and so much MORE!

Be on the look out…because the Leopardo Boys and I have a lot more to share about the DIVINE DOMINICAN TOUR! Its Never OVER… The DREAM Lives ON! The SECRETS are so SWEET they must always be SHARED! Those MOMENTS of NOW are Cherished ALWAYS! And the ZENsational Zoetry is to be LIVED with ART!

Good Morning from Dreams Punta Cana!

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Where the morning is just beginning! Have had my coffee and about to embark on the adventure of SWEET DREAMS here today!

Had room service deliver my coffee and toast! Check out the video of Cody ….

LOVE starting the day like that!

Arrived yesterday and was greeted by “Mi Familia” The DREAM TEAM! Have posted my pics thus far over on Facebook you can check out the album here:

Last night we had dinner at Himitsu…make sure to try it when you are here…dinner and SHOW all right there! WHAT FUN!!! So much fun to catch up with all of them! Vanessa, Elvira, Angela, Hector, Florian and Fernando! A GREAT TIME!

Then it was off to the lobby to have coffee and some sweet treats! Coffee Boy made us all some DELICIOUS Coffees and he is a show in himself! LOVE The Coffee Boy!!!!

My room is in bldg 9 which is now designated Preferred Club and a recently re done room that is GREAT! I have a video posted over on the FaceBook Fan Page of Dreams Punta Cana you can check it out and see all of the other pics and postings that aren’t in the album…here:

Now I am going to get dressed and go down to the Beach because today the DREAM TEAM is going to be doing a “Clean the BEACH DAY”…they are so dedicated to their enviroment…I want to help and also get pics of them to share with all of you!

Then have Breakfast with Vanessa who manages the Preferred Club Concierge Team…LOVE VANESSA!!! Will be reporting back with pics and fun later… til then…

and the leopardo boys!

Welcome to my Whirlwind…@NOW Larimar and Secrets Royal Beach!

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Arrived yesterday afternoon and met old friend and embraced new ones! What fun!

While in the Preffered Club Lobby I ran into some Dear Friends who are helping here with the “Re-Branding” Gabriel Rierra and Christian Maiel always good to see and learn more about what is going on so I can share with all of you!

They got a big kick and giggle when they saw the tee shirt!

After a quick meet up it was on to Secrets Royal Beach for Lunch with the Team and getting to know them and the properties! It was GREAT FUN!

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Such fun being with New Friends and enjoying GREAT FOOD!!! And learning SWEET SECRETS and sharing Magic Moments of NOW!

Beside Blogging and Tweeting I am also posting on the FanPages of NOW Larimar and SECRETS Royal Beach check them out for album links and other pics and posts!

NOW Larimar:


SECRETS Royal Beach:

Its a whirlwind and I love it! So happy to be here in the MAGICAL MOMENT OF NOW @ NOW Larimar! And Share Sweet SECRETS of Secrets Royal Beach…where the SECRETS are both SWEET AND ROYAL!

and the leopardo boys!

Sweet DREAMS from Dreams Palm Beach…

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Sadly today the Leopardo Boys and I will be departing Dreams Palm Beach….but we take with us SWEET DREAMS and MAGIC MEMORIES to keep in our heart until we return!

Its been such a fun visit!

We have our album of pics here:

And we have been posting over on Their FaceBook Fanpage the link is here:

And over on Youtube we have loaded some videos:

All in hopes to share the SWEET DREAMS that we have had here at Dreams Palm Beach!

Will be adding more as the day is just beginning and I want to get out and about to capture a few more of those Sweet Dreams and Magic Memories!

Please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions…am always happy to Share the Love and the DREAM!

Signing off for the moment…enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee from Room Service as the day is dawning and the DREAM LIVES ON!

and the leopardo boys

The Divine Domincan Tour has begun!


WOW! Here we are…me and the Leopardo Boys typing to you all from Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana!

Arrived yesterday afternoon around 4pm and have been on a whirlwind since arrival!

Staying in a Honeymoon Suite at the Preferred Club in Building 4 on the ground level that overlooks the pool and I can see the Ocean and Beach Beyond…LOVE IT!

Had dinner last night with the DREAM GIRL TEAM!!! We dined at Bordeaux and it was so good!!! YUM and YUM!!! Shrimp Cocktail, Chatuaex Briand (pardon my spelling! the STEAK WAS SO GOOD!) And Creme Brulee for Dessert and drinks at the bar!

When I came back to my room there was the turn down service and a sweet treat by the bedside!

This morning a Surprise Champagne Breakfast was just delivered by Juan Carlos from Room Service!

Tweaking and Tweeting….AND TICKING!

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So as the countdown clock is TICKING! bb is TWEAKING and TWEETING!

Todays TWEAK was to add to the BlogRoll on my very own blog!

If you check out the sidebar to the right you will see “Blog Roll” in which I have listed all of the “AMazing AMResorts” blogs!

The “Leopard Boys” and I are super excited to link them here on “Baltobabes Blog”!!!

And we are even more excite to count down and be at each of the LIVE FROM and share with all of you!

and the Leopardo Boys!

Let the AMazing Adventure start here…

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Hola Cyber Pals!

So I was just thinking…you know how the Leopardo Boys and I love our AMazing AMResorts Adventure and we are always “Spreading the LOVE, Sharing the DREAMS, Revealiing the SECRETS, talking about Living Life with ART like at Zoetry and being in our moment of NOW”….

And how we are always advicing you to follow us on our adventure…via their Facebook pages for whichever of the resorts we will be visiting…

Well here is a little hint…a one stop shop if you will were you can find all contact info for each of the AMazing BRANDS that AMResorts manages…

A simple click on the link above will get you to their contact page where EACH of the Brands is listed and you have a wealth of info to click and choose!

Sign me up (to stay in touch!)

I love that they have made it so easy to stay connected and find just what you are looking for! The Leopard Boys and I are extremely fond of the FaceBook Pages! We love to shrare on there when we are traveling and also when we are home “daydreaming” of our next trip!

So remember…check out that link…

Click and stay connected…keep up with all the AMazing things that are happening at each of the AMResorts Brands!


and the Leopardo Boys

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