Well its about that time for some SWEET DREAMS!


The time is ticking and I can hardly wait til Friday when Leopardo Laptop, Mini Leopardo (my ipod touch) and I will be heading out to BWI to take off on yet another AMazing Adventure…

This time we are going to Dreams Huatulco!

The Leopards and I can't wait to be there at Dreams Huatulco!

I’ve read so much about Huatulco and especially Dreams Huatulco I am really excited! AND…being a big AMResorts fan I am even more excited because this is the ONLY on of the AMResorts I have not yet been to! Though I have been in touch via email with the “Dream Team” there and know some of them already … being there Friday and finally putting names and faces together with my new friends and being together again with dear old friends is going to be AMazing!

Went out on Saturday and got all the “Berger Cookies”! That is the signature treat that Leopardos and I bring when we travel! YUM!


They are GREAT at making friends…and influencing people…hehehe! And do they ever taste GREAT!

Saturday was a busy day and FUN too! Went for my “Mani and Pedi” to be Trip and Beach Ready! Met a Dear Friend at the salon and decided to be adventurous and got the new Axxium Gel Nail Polish Manicure AND AND AND…I got “Eyelash Extensions”…LOL! OMG! I can’t believe I did that! My Polish is “Pompei Purple” something that is a big departure from my normal brown/ beige…hehehe! And the Eyelashes are AMAZING didn’t take me long to get used to them and I can’t believe the difference they make! hehehe! So glad that Linda talked me into them…and she didn’t have to talk hard because they looked so great on her! Now lets hope they hold up in all the SUN, FUN and SPA-ing that I will be doing while I am at Dreams Huatulco!

SO…let the countdown begin! Tick, Tick and Tick!

Today…a few tiny errands

Tuesday…some packing and adjusting

Wednesday…fine tuning the packing!

Thursday…last day at work, final fine tuning and early to bed!

Friday FINALLY! Let the Magical Adventures of bb and the Leopardos begin where they “Find Happiness at DREAMS HUATULCO” And I’ll be wearing the Tshirt!

and Happy Travels!
and “The Leopardos”

88…a lovely number! And its how many days til Huatulco Mexico!

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So I printed out my calendar today and marked the days til arrival! I love doing that! So many fun things to do as you count down on a trip! I love checking off each day that passes by…and it helps me stay organized too in all the things I like to do before a trip!

This is an exciting countdown because it will include the holidays of both Thanksgiving and Christmas not to mention New Years all ticking by before I head out to Dreams Huatulco! So starting now will keep me on track and organized!

I start out by printing a Monthly Calendar…then I print out a weekly calendar and mark down the things I want to accomplish and remember as I am counting down to “Take OFF”! Then the last month I print out a daily calendar to really make sure I don’t forget a thing!

So 88 days! Tic Tic Tic!

This morning I went over to Trip Advisor and found this!


It’s a really great review by one of the TripAdvisor Members!

I love how she refers to it as “my other home” and how she sings the praises of “The concierge, Alicia Nunez is top-notch in customer service, always going the extra step to ensure everyones stay is nothing less than spectacular.” AND…”The chief concierge, Everett, is also superb in ensuring each guest is completely satisfied, well cared for and wanting for nothing. It is this attitude of outstanding customer service among all the staff that makes this resort so enjoyable.”

Reading this makes me want to get there EVEN MORE!!!

She goes on to mention the Activities Team, The Spa and so much more!

Each day it seems that I find something new and wonderful about DREAMS Huatulco that makes me even more excited to be headed there! And Leoparo Laptop is very excited too!

So…if you are headed down to Dreams Huatulco like Leopardo Laptop and I…I suggest you read this great review…at the link above…

and Leopardo Laptop!