Thinking of “Doing The Dominican”???

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Are you thinking of a Dominican Getaway?

Its a FUN Destination for sure with many choices for All Kinds of FUN in the SUN!

And remember too there are two sides to the Dominican Republic! The Punta Cana / Bavaro Beach area which is on the Atlantic Side of the Island and then LaRomana which is on the Caribbean Side!

If you are flying into the Punta Cana Airport …here are some of my FAVS listed by closer proximity.

Dreams Palm Beach! only about 30 minutes from the Airport!

Main Pool at Dreams Palm Beach is Awesome

Next in line are Now Larimar and Secrets Royal Beach! Secrets Royal Beach is Adults Only and next door to them is Now Larimar the Family Friendly Resort. And they are about 40 minutes from the airport!

Here is a shot of the Pool at Secrets Royal Beach

Now Larimar is right next door to Secrets

This shows the Beach and Pools at Now Larimar

Beach and Pools at Now Larimar are Breathtaking!

Down the road a bit is Dreams Punta Cana about 50 minutes from the airport and has the largest winding pool in Punta Cana!

The Pool at Dreams Punta Cana runs the length of the resort

Zoetry Agua Punta Cana is about 60 minutes from the Punta Cana Airport and a Magical Place for sure!

The Infinity Pool at Zoetry Agua over looks the magnificient beach and a very calm ocean thanks to the reef that protects it from rough waves!

The Infinity Pool at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana looks out to the Calm Ocean and Beach

On the other side a mere 90 minutes from the Punta Cana Airport or 30 minutes if you fly into the LaRomana Airport is Dreams La Romana!

The Infinity Pool at Dreams LaRomana overlooks the Beach and Ocean and the snorkeling here is very good!

Dreams LaRomana Infinity Pool that overlooks the Beach and Ocean

I’ve been to each of these resorts and love each of them for various reasons… You can’t go wrong on choosing any of them!

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More Dreams and Secrets Thoughts today …

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So where did I leave off…from this morning? We had just visited the NEW NOW and SECRETS!

AND I was about to tell you about DREAMS Punta Cana! Oh I love it there! I remember when it was SUNsational SUNscape The Beach! Its been so great to see it and their AMazing Staff grow and become the AMazing DREAM TEAM they have become!

It truly is like coming home to me! And I always learn new and wonderful things each trip! This time a couple of things stand out to me! One is that when you book Preferred Club you now have the option of Ala Carte Dining at the Oceana Restaurant LOVE THIS!!! The View is GREAT! But the menu even better! Coca the food and beverage Manager and Vanessa the Preferred Club Manager and their teams truly hit it out of the ball park! I had breakfast at Oceana each day I was there!

One of the other things that made me smile was “The CHEFS Garden” that Florian Monnier their Resident manager shared with me! AND the DUCKS POND and Running Path! I never knew of them! At the entrance of the hotel you can walk down the driveway and to the right you will see what you may have missed on your way in…I know I missed it! They are creating a CHEF Garden in which they will grow all fresh herbs and spices and good things for the Meals at Dreams Punta cana!

Just across from the Chefs Garden is a lovely idillac setting of the pond a lovely garden and trees and the Ducks! Florian is hoping to get a swan or two there also! AND a Bench because it truly is someplace you want to linger…there is even a little bridge that goes across…Can’t wait to share some of the pics with you!

Well…its getting close for me to head on home…so I had bettr close this post and sign off and out… Will continue more either tonight or tomorrow…because you know we love to share SWEEET DREAMS AND SECRETS!

and the leopard boys!


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Hola and Buenos Dias Mi Amigas and Amigos!

Its a sad day for the Leopardo Boys as we are packing and getting ready to leave “our Familia” here at Dreams Punta Cana!

Its been such an AMazing Stay! We got to see Dear Friends and Meet and embrace new ones! We took so many pictures that we had to add an extra album to fit them all in on Facebook! LOL!

Got up early today to do a little posting on FB and also to get some packing done as later this afternoon we will head over to Zoetry Agua…Zoetry where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet to make MAGIC!

If you have been following us on Facebook you know that we have loved our time here at Dreams Punta Cana!

Last night I had dinner at Portofino and it was so delicious! In fact I was so full I didn’t even have DESSERT! OMG!

For those of you who are considering coming to Dreams Punta Cana I highly recommend it! Its a beautiful resort that has so very much to offer EVERYONE! From Singles, Families and its so KID Friendly! The Entertainment staff here is GREAT along with ALL OF THE STAFF! They go out of their way to make VACATION DREAMS come TRUE!!!

Remember to try the Spa here! Was there yesterday to take pics and had a massage with Isabel who has magic hands! LOVE the Hydro Therapy Circuit and the Jacuzzi there!

Well off to have breakfast at Oceana…It is now open as an ala carte and also buffet Breakfast for the Preferred Club Guests! AND its GREAT! Another reason to book preferred club…if you ask me!

and the Leopardo Boys!

SWEET DREAMS Abound at Dreams Punta Cana!

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Slide show of Day 1 and just posted more pics here

Pics from my walk …from my room in bldg 9 by the pool and down to the Preferred Club Lounge and the DREAM TEAM Beach Clean up! And breakfast at Oceana which is now open each morning for the Preferred Club guests to enjoy a great ala carte breakfast! Vanessa and the Preferred Club ROCK the morning along with the DREAM TEAM!!!

More to come!

and the Leopardo Boys!

Good Morning from Dreams Punta Cana!

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Where the morning is just beginning! Have had my coffee and about to embark on the adventure of SWEET DREAMS here today!

Had room service deliver my coffee and toast! Check out the video of Cody ….

LOVE starting the day like that!

Arrived yesterday and was greeted by “Mi Familia” The DREAM TEAM! Have posted my pics thus far over on Facebook you can check out the album here:

Last night we had dinner at Himitsu…make sure to try it when you are here…dinner and SHOW all right there! WHAT FUN!!! So much fun to catch up with all of them! Vanessa, Elvira, Angela, Hector, Florian and Fernando! A GREAT TIME!

Then it was off to the lobby to have coffee and some sweet treats! Coffee Boy made us all some DELICIOUS Coffees and he is a show in himself! LOVE The Coffee Boy!!!!

My room is in bldg 9 which is now designated Preferred Club and a recently re done room that is GREAT! I have a video posted over on the FaceBook Fan Page of Dreams Punta Cana you can check it out and see all of the other pics and postings that aren’t in the album…here:

Now I am going to get dressed and go down to the Beach because today the DREAM TEAM is going to be doing a “Clean the BEACH DAY”…they are so dedicated to their enviroment…I want to help and also get pics of them to share with all of you!

Then have Breakfast with Vanessa who manages the Preferred Club Concierge Team…LOVE VANESSA!!! Will be reporting back with pics and fun later… til then…

and the leopardo boys!

Weekends Over…Back to the Countdown and Fun STUFF!

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Hola Cyber Pals! Well the weekends over and we are back to work! First day back on “Daylight Savings Time”…Can we say DARK START! LOL! I took a pic this morning and posted on 4Square to share! Lights of car lights and NO SUN!

Oh well…at least the SUN will be out longer when I go home in the afternoon, inspiring me to get going on the DDT preperations!

Speaking of DDT (Divine Dominican Tour) preperations…jajaja (thats hehehe in Spanish!) I went up on Sunday to my Lovely Local Royal Farms Store to arrange for “The BERGER COOKIES” Had to put the order in NOW because I am getting so many! Jajaja! 50 boxes of the “big boys” and 50 boxes of the “little fellas” (2 packs!)

The Leopard Boys just love taking “treats” down to our “familia” when we travel!

Also part of the PREP for DDT we are “tracking” the newest member of the Lepardo Boys! The LeoPADo who is now marked “prepared for shipping”! Leopardo Laptop and LeoPODo are both very excited to meet and greet and embrace a new brother to the Leopardo Boy Clan! jajaja! (hey isn’t it great I have learned to laugh in spanish!)

So as each day ticks by there is something fun to do to keep the DREAM of the DDT alive~

Remember to follow along with us! Its going to be an AMazing AMResorts Adventure 4 SURE!

and “The Leopardo Boys”

Woo Woo…Get on Board the Divine Dominican Tour!


Hola and Buenos Dias!

So today I saw on the calendar that in 35 days Leopardo Laptop and I will be starting our … AMazing AMResorts Adventure called the Divine Dominican Tour! Where DREAMS come TRUE! Secrets will be REVEALED and Leopardo Laptop and I will be Living Life with ART at Zoetry!

We are beyond excited to be going back to visit all of our extended Familia in the Dominican Republic!

We are going to have our fist stop at Dreams Palm Beach! LOVE IT THERE! And its only 20 minutes from the airport! The Layout is so compact and beautiful! A DREAM COME TRUE 4 SURE!

Then we will head further down the road to Dreams Punta Cana…ah…such SWEET DREAMS always come true there! The pool is a fabulous feature that runs the whole length of the resort from the lobby all the way down to the BEACH! And there is always something FUN going on there!

Next on the Divine Dominican Tour will be Zoetry Agua Punta Cana! Oh Leopardo and I just cannot wait to get back there! Our last visit was so wonderful and so much has happened since then we can’t wait to experience it… Zoetry truly is where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet to make MAGIC! And Zoetry Agua has so much MAGIC, from the AMazing Views all about the resort, to the SUNrises and the SUNsets, the Beautiful Beach…and lets not forget the staff and their devotion to the guests happiness!

From there we head over to Dreams LaRomana! Its where Leopardo and I first fell in LOVE with AMResorts and what they stand for…that is… AMazing Vacations and SO MUCH MORE!!! Dreams La Romana truly does have a special place in our hearts along with its DREAM TEAM that always ROCKS our WORLD! Snorkeling from the beach is just one of the many things that keeps us going back time and again to Dreams LaRomana!

Our last stop…is going to be Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana! We believe this to truly be a JEWEL of the AMresort Brands! The Architecture alone is spectacular! The Variety of rooms offered are MANY and the Secrets Staff and Management there truly are AMazing making guests stay a SWEET SECRET they enjoy sharing!

While Leopardo and I are visiting each of the resorts we will be doing LIVE FROM…with Blogging, Tweeting and posting on Facebook to share the SWEET DREAMS AND SECRETS and ZEN Moments of ZOETRY with all of you!

We hope that you will be joining us! And while we are there we will be happy to take pictures or try to get answeres for any questions you may have… Because Leopardo Laptop and I are all about “Spreading the LOVE, Sharing the DREAMS, Revealing the SECRETS and Living life with ART as in ZOETRY and being in the MOMENT of NOW”!

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