Some Tips and Links for Sweet Dreamin’

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Hi All!

Are you a Big Fan of Dreams Resorts? Yeah, me TOO! Thought I would Share some tips and links with you to make your “Day Dreaming” just a little more fun and maybe even easier!

Here is a COOL LINK:

This one will get you over to the AMResorts site on the Dreams Page there with lots of info on each of their resorts! You will see pics of each of the Dreams in Mexico both Cancun to Tulum and The Pacific Coast and in the Dominican Republic! LOVE that!

Then also from there you will find icons for Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube and Their Blog! LOVE that they make being “Socially Connected” so Easy and FUN!

Also on this page there is a “Navagate Our Map”…click on that to see WHERE you will find YOUR Sweet Dream Resorts! Like I said…Mexico both coasts and the Dominican! I’ve been to them all and LOVE Each one!

Right next to “Navagate Our Map” you will find the Amenties List! Make sure and click on that one too. There is a TON of info there an really brings home the point that they are all about UNlimited Luxury! Not to mention FUN IN THE SUN!

The next and last window is the collection of The Dreams Electronic Brochures! This is a MUST CLIC 4 SURE! You can get lost daydreaming about your next SWEET DREAM and see why so many folks LOVE t he Dreams Brand and are Repeat Guests!

Lastly down on the bottom you will find icons for each of the Brands and for AMResorts so you can explore til your hearts content!

Hope this little heads up has inspired you to click on in and get started on your SWEET DREAMS!

Thinking of “Doing The Dominican”???

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Are you thinking of a Dominican Getaway?

Its a FUN Destination for sure with many choices for All Kinds of FUN in the SUN!

And remember too there are two sides to the Dominican Republic! The Punta Cana / Bavaro Beach area which is on the Atlantic Side of the Island and then LaRomana which is on the Caribbean Side!

If you are flying into the Punta Cana Airport …here are some of my FAVS listed by closer proximity.

Dreams Palm Beach! only about 30 minutes from the Airport!

Main Pool at Dreams Palm Beach is Awesome

Next in line are Now Larimar and Secrets Royal Beach! Secrets Royal Beach is Adults Only and next door to them is Now Larimar the Family Friendly Resort. And they are about 40 minutes from the airport!

Here is a shot of the Pool at Secrets Royal Beach

Now Larimar is right next door to Secrets

This shows the Beach and Pools at Now Larimar

Beach and Pools at Now Larimar are Breathtaking!

Down the road a bit is Dreams Punta Cana about 50 minutes from the airport and has the largest winding pool in Punta Cana!

The Pool at Dreams Punta Cana runs the length of the resort

Zoetry Agua Punta Cana is about 60 minutes from the Punta Cana Airport and a Magical Place for sure!

The Infinity Pool at Zoetry Agua over looks the magnificient beach and a very calm ocean thanks to the reef that protects it from rough waves!

The Infinity Pool at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana looks out to the Calm Ocean and Beach

On the other side a mere 90 minutes from the Punta Cana Airport or 30 minutes if you fly into the LaRomana Airport is Dreams La Romana!

The Infinity Pool at Dreams LaRomana overlooks the Beach and Ocean and the snorkeling here is very good!

Dreams LaRomana Infinity Pool that overlooks the Beach and Ocean

I’ve been to each of these resorts and love each of them for various reasons… You can’t go wrong on choosing any of them!

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Did you know? You can send special Treats…

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Hola and Buenos Dias! Wanted to share something for those of you who may be going to a Destination Wedding at one of the AMResorts Hotels, Zoetry, Secrets, Dreams, Now, Sunscape! Or if you have somene special at one of the resorts you would like to send a little something special to while they are staying…

There are many things, like flowers, sweet treats, fruit plates, sushi and upgraded amenities are available for purchase to enhance the experience. They are nice treats to consider if you are coming for a special occasion, such as a birthday or wedding. Or even if you know someone who is coming and you want to surprise them with a little extra touch!

My suggestion is to reach out to the Econcierge at whichever resort and to let them know you are looking to enhance your or someone else experience with a treat…. They will have a complete list of things and prices and are always happy to be of help in adding a smile to your or that someone specials day or time at the resort!

Its a great way to show the LOVE and Share the LOVE!

You can go to any of the resorts fanpage and find their e concierge and get in touch! And also you can write to me and I would be happy to forward on their email info if for some reason you cannot find it.

Here is a link that will take you to a great way to stay connected with info and links to all of the Resorts:

I apologize for not sharing this sooner. I’ve been truly blessed in forming some very special relationships along the way of my travels and look forward to continue to sharing the LOVE!

Like keeping up with the LATEST?

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Me Too! I have bookmarked each of the AMResorts Blogs so I can check in during the day. Even though I get an email when they update I like being able to click and go right to the site…and that way I can also access their Archives if I am looking for anything in particular.

You can check them all out in one place here:

“The Well” thats the blog for Zoetry Just posted a great blog on Yoga at ZoetryResorts! I just got back from Zoetry Casa Del Mar and can tell you I got my ZEN on! Love Zoetry…its where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet to make MAGIC!

The Divine Dominican Tour keeps going and going…


So last night Leopardo Laptop and I were busy getting some pics up on Webshots! WOW were we busy! LOL!

Link below should get you to the Dreams Palm Beach Album…WE Just LOVE Dreams Palm Beach and their DREAM TEAM! And we had such fun with “The DREAM GIRLS” there! And we have onver 200 pics to prove it! Of course now our mission is to caption all those pics! LOL! We tried to capture all kinds of fun stuff and I think we did a pretty good job!

We also got the album of pics of our visit to both NOW Larimar and Secrets Royal Beach up too! You can see those here at this link:

What a great visit that was too! We loved meeting both of the TEAMS and being able to stay overnight at NOW Larimar was great! So many FAV things here…Lunch with the Teams on the Patio done by Chef Gordy was OUTSTANDING! Having a butler at the Preferred Club at NOW Larimar was GREAT! LOVED the Beach in front of BOTH NOW Larimar and SECRETS Royal Beach! Hope that this album captures why we LOVE both of these New Addisitons to the AMazing AMResorts Family!

Hola Buenos Dias…from B’more…

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Poor Leopardo…he is suffering from “Missing Mexico”..he has a VERY Serious case of MM and I am not sure what to do for the poor baby! Other than to work on getting that “Re-cap” of the trip up…

AND, yes I am working on that…right now I am crafting the blog post and will be inserting pics and such into it overt he next few days and when its done will post it!

It sure was a MAGICAL MAYAN Adventure for Leopardo! He met so many wonderful friends and family along the way… He loved the “Jaguars” at Zoetry! And the Little Leopardo who came to visit him at NOW Jade! And all the Leopardo Touches at NOW Sapphire! Oh and the Leoprdo Table Cloth at lunch at Dreams Cancun…is it any wonder the poor BOY is MM (Missing Mexico)!

He loves to travel and this past year of 2010 he has been a jet setter for sure!

We began the year with the “Divine Dominican Tour”! Where he and I got to visit Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana and ALL the 3 SWEET DREAMS , Dreams LaRomana, Dreams Palm Beach and Dreams Punta Cana and finished the tour at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana! WOW WHATTA AN AMazing Adventure that one was!

Then a quick flight to Los Cabos in March! “Lovin’ LIFE in LOS Cabos”… That is where we Fell in love with LIFE and another Zoetry…Zoetry Casa Del Mar Los Cabos…or as Leopardo and I call it Zoetry Casa Del MARvelous…because it was! We also went to Dreams Los Cabos and met their DREAM TEAM who we had been writing to over the past few years its always such fun to meet in person folks who have been so nice via emails! WE love that!

Then came April and my Birthday….Leopardo loves to take me away for my Birthday…and I love it because WHY should I turn another year older in B’more when I can be in Paradise and ease my way into that NEW YEAR OF AGE…LOL! The Year LL took me to Jamaica…to visit our friends at both SECRETS Wild Orchid and SECRET St. James! WOW did we love our time there! We even did the Luminous Lagoon Tour and it was MAGICAL! The 2 Secrets in Jamaica share a lot of great things and our time there was a SWEET SECRET that we loved Sharing!

Then that brings us to our last trip…The Magical Mayan Mystery Tour…2 weeks of bliss in Mexico on the Mayan Coast…Magic in Mexico…

If you would like to see pics of the trips…you can click the link below!