Wine Tasting and Wine Paring Dinners at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana!

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One of the Sweet Secrets at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana is the Wine Tasting and the Wine Paring Dinners that they have!

David Barreiro Canda who is the Food and Beverage Director along with Pascal Messier who is the Executive Chef at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana have come up with these great Events!

David held a Wine Tasting while I was there last week that I was lucky enough to attend and found very informative and interesting. The guests who attended ranged from novice like myself to experts and all in between!

The Wine Tasting Event is listed in the SUNdial Newsletter that you receive each evening at Turn Down Service so make sure to check so you don’t miss it or ask at Concierge to see when it will be when you are visiting the resort. The Wine Pairing dinner is usually a day or two after the Wine Tasting and by invitation, again you can ask at concierge.

Setting up for the Wine Tasting Event in front of Casa Bella in the afternoon

David included four wines in the tasting and printed information for us to take away with us. I enjoyed that part because the pamphlet was very informative along with Davids sharing I learned a lot about the wines and the history and what to look for when tasting.

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It was a lovely afternoon activity for sure!

When I first arrived at Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana David had prepared a Wine Pairing Dinner for me

It will give you an idea of what a Wine Pairing Dinner will include!

It was a wonderful meal and all the wines were very good!

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I recommend the Wine Tasting and the Wine Paring Dinner for sure while you are visiting Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana!

Kudos To David and to Pascal for all of the AMazing Things they are doing there!

Dreams LaRomana and New Culinary Delights with Chef Pastor

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While I have been at Dreams LaRomana its been my pleasure to meet and get to know The Newest Member of the DREAM TEAM Chef Pastor who is the Executive Chef here! And WOW What a great addition to the DREAM TEAM!

Originally from Spain where he was schooled he has worked in the Caribbean for quite some time and is a genius at creating the most delicious dishes with the most simple of ingredients! His passion for flavor and good food is evident when he starts to describe the dishes as he presents them and tells a bit about what, why and how he made that in itself was a great added experience to dining at Seaside Grill for a few Lunches and Dinners while I was here!

One of his favorite Chefs is the renowned Gordon Ramsey who he admires and enjoys watching on TV when he can…and other of his favorite passions is “FootBall” aka Soccer! He lights up when discussing Soccer Matches! He loves interacting with guests! Often I would see him mingling with guests and sharing his passion of both Culinary and sports!

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Meeting Chef Pastor here at Dreams La Romana was a real treat! He has many wonderful things in store for the guests and will be putting his special touches on each of the menus and dining venues at the resort.

Meeting and getting to know Chef Pastor was one of the TREATS of my stay here at Dreams LaRomana! He has many treats in store for the guests here…TASTY TREATS!