Viva Villamagna…Prelude to another SWEET DREAM!

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Last night I posted the the Viva Vallarta post and a slide show of Dreams Puerto Vallarta…

I wanted to create a slide show of Dreams Villamagna showing its beauty and why it is such a SWEET DREAM! AND why Leopardo and I love it so much!

So…I hope you enjoy it… There are pics of the views, my room, the spa, the food, and more…and even a video at the end of the SUNset Show on the Beach where the SUN and the MOON fight…and a glimpse of the lovely sunset that night!

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Leopardo and I love DREAMS Villamagna and are so looking forward to returning in January! We can’t wait to get back and see the DREAM TEAM and re-live SWEET DREAMS with old and new friends alike!

and leopardo laptop

Dreaming of Dreams Puerto Aventuras For September

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On September 6th Leopardo Laptop and I will be arriving to Dreams Puerto Aventuras! We love it here too!

The drive from the main highway to the resort always makes me happy! You drive through the lovely gated community of Puerto Aventuras and past the marina and when you make that final turn and go over the cute little bridge…you know you have arrived!

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

The Lovely Open Air Lobby at Dreams Puerto Aventuars

The lobby at Dreams Puerto Aventuras is a lovely open air lobby…that is so beautiful…modern yet has a cozy feel to it! I love the view you get when you walk in and go past the seating area and look out…you see the steps going down to the pool and beach area…a WOW View for SURE!

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

This is the view from the Lobby looking out to the Pool and Beach!

The beach at Dreams Puerto Aventuras is set in a “cove like” area so its perfect for families with children as they cannot wander off very far and are always with in view…a SAFE FEEL for sure! And the Ocean there is very calm because of the reef just off the resort the waves are almost non existent right there!

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Panoramic Pic of the Beach at Dreams Puerto Aventuras

When you walk down those stairs to the pool and beach area…everything is so close by…the layout of the resort really is nice and compact with out feeling “closed in”…We love that! To the right of the stairs is the World Cafe and to the left over past the pool is the Seaside GRILL…love that for lunch! A FAV!

Also to the right a little past the World Cafe are Portofino and El Patio both GREAT Ala Cartes with delicious menu choices! Can’t wait to get back and try them…Everytime I have been to Dreams Puerto Aventuras the food has been GREAT! Over on the other side of the resort near the Marina and accessed from the Lobbys left side you will find the Adults Only restuarant Oceana…Great view with twinkling lights at night! And during the day on that side you will find the Adults only pool too!

Here is where you can find a map of the resort:

I do love the layout…so easy to get around and find everything!

Each night at turndown service you will recieve a “Sun Dial News Letter” in it all of the next days activities are listed! What FUN to be able to plan ahead…and ensure that you don’t miss a moment of FUN! The SUNdial is also posted on the Activity Board that is located at the bottom of the Lobby Steps by the pool too! I like to take a large zip lock bag and carry mine protected so I have it to refer to during the day and not miss a moment!

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

SUNdial Newsletter on the COMFY Sweet DREAMS BED!

I cannot end this without mentioning the Spa at Dreams Puerto Aventuras! Its so lovely! In fact its a little smaller scale than some of the other Dreams Spas…but that being said it doesn’t lack in a thing! The Spa Staff is really AMazing and last year when I was there I had a wonderful treatment that so touched my soul…I cried afterward! I had felt such a release! I love their outdoor jacuzzi and private garden setting…and the rooms for massage and other treatments are also very nicely done…along with the waiting area…calm and zenlike to put you in the SPA State of Mind!

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Welcome to the Spa at Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Waiting Area at the Spa at Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Well now you know why I love Dreams Puerto Aventuras and why Leopardo Laptop and I are so Happy to be going HOME soon!

Please check in here and on their FaceBook Fan Page for our LIVE FROM posts starting on September 6th:

Tic Tic Tic…our clock is ticking!