Some Tips and Links for Sweet Dreamin’

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Hi All!

Are you a Big Fan of Dreams Resorts? Yeah, me TOO! Thought I would Share some tips and links with you to make your “Day Dreaming” just a little more fun and maybe even easier!

Here is a COOL LINK:

This one will get you over to the AMResorts site on the Dreams Page there with lots of info on each of their resorts! You will see pics of each of the Dreams in Mexico both Cancun to Tulum and The Pacific Coast and in the Dominican Republic! LOVE that!

Then also from there you will find icons for Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube and Their Blog! LOVE that they make being “Socially Connected” so Easy and FUN!

Also on this page there is a “Navagate Our Map”…click on that to see WHERE you will find YOUR Sweet Dream Resorts! Like I said…Mexico both coasts and the Dominican! I’ve been to them all and LOVE Each one!

Right next to “Navagate Our Map” you will find the Amenties List! Make sure and click on that one too. There is a TON of info there an really brings home the point that they are all about UNlimited Luxury! Not to mention FUN IN THE SUN!

The next and last window is the collection of The Dreams Electronic Brochures! This is a MUST CLIC 4 SURE! You can get lost daydreaming about your next SWEET DREAM and see why so many folks LOVE t he Dreams Brand and are Repeat Guests!

Lastly down on the bottom you will find icons for each of the Brands and for AMResorts so you can explore til your hearts content!

Hope this little heads up has inspired you to click on in and get started on your SWEET DREAMS!

Come DREAM with me…some Divine Dominican DREAMS!

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Hola and Buenos Dias Blog World!

Practicing my Spanish…which never really seems to get much better! But I keep trying none the less! Besides the “My Spanish Coach” that I have on my ipod touch now I have “i Start Spanish” anothr app that I got its fun but I still struggle! LOL! Good thing I have mastered the important things like cervaza and bano! Beer and Bathroom, they seem to go hand in hand…LOL!


I was thinking about other BLOGS today and thought I would share some fun blogs about the places Leopardo and I will be visiting in April!

You’ve heard the song “Soar like an EAGLE”…Speaking of Eagles…some were spotted at Dreams Palm Beach last summer! The Philiadelphia Eagles that is!

You just never know who you might meet up with there…

Recently Danny Bonaduce of TV fame and his new wife spent their honeymoon enjoying SWEET DREAMS at Dreams Palm Beach!

Dreams Palm Beach has so much to offer! Great Location and Layout and only 20 minutes from the Punta Cana Airport! Leopardo and I love it and think you will too!

Down the road a bit from Dreams Palm Beach lies Dreams Punta Cana and there is always something fun going on there!

For Kids and Grown ups alike…so make sure to always check your SUNdial Newsletter so you don’t miss out on a thing! If you are bringing little ones to Dreams Punta Cana they will LOVE the “Explorers Club”…it truly is AMazing! Check out what the “DAYDREAMS” Blog said it about it just this past summer!

The Pirate Ship is always a big hit! And the Explorers Club Staff is GREAT!

At Dreams Punta Cana and all DREAMS Resorts they sure do know how to celebrate the holiday! Heres a bit about how they celebrated the 4th of July last year!

They really do celebrate each and every holiday with FUN and know how to Party ON! Dreams Punta Cana is about 50 minutes from the Punta Cana Airport and so much fun you won’t want to leave! We love it there and can’t wait to get back!

Over on the other side of Punta Cana a mere 90 minute ride from the Punta Cana Airport is Dreams LaRomana!

Leopardo and I love Dreams LaRomana along with all of the other Dreams… And it has a very special place in our heart because it was the veryy first AMResorts property that we visited all those years ago when it was SUNscape Casa Del Mar!

Here is a FUN blog post about some of the Entertainment you will see there!

And another fun blog post about some of the FUN things that you will find in and around the LaRomana area!

LaRomana is a different experience than Punta Cana and we love being able to visit all of the DREAMS and find each one speaks to our hearts! The one thing that stands out for leopardo and myself at EACH one of them is their STAFF. They really do everything they can to make DREAMS COME TRUE!

Well those are the 3 DREAMS that we will be visiting and we hope that you have enjoyed learning a little bit about each of them!

We will be back later to fill you in on some Blog posts about Zoetry Agua and Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana!

Leopardo and I love the anticipation of Count Down…and hope you do to!

and leopardo laptop

Spa, such a special word to me! It speaks to my heart and soul!

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And when I think of the Spas in the Dominican Republic at the Dreams, Secrets and Zoetry Brands I start to float away on a cloud of BLISS!

This morning on a cold day in B’more” I decided to TWEET my bliss and share it with the “Twitashpere: and thought I would come over here and share a bit with our “Blogoshere”…

After all you all know I am about “Sharing the DREAMS” and so much more!

Today is MORE!

This is what was recently “Tweeted” Bliss and Spa Dreams come true @DreamsResorts Palm Beach. Truly Spa-licious a must do while y are there!

Oh La La Spa @DreamsResorts LaRomana! Thats what you will say when you visit their Spa let it take you away!

Spa Dreamin’ makes me wish for @DreamsResorts Punta Cana Their spa is SPA-mazing! MUST check it out when you go

Check out the NEW Spa @SecretResorts Sanctuary Cap Cana A SWEET SECRET 4 sure! Can’t wait for April, SPA-tastic

@ZoetryResorts Agua, “Where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet to make MAGIC! and their spa transports YOU!

Not sure that the “copied” links will work so will post links here so you can explore the joys of SPA at each the resorts…Just click on the name of the resort and see what “Spa-licous” Treats Await you! They will Transport you on a cloud of BLISS! And take you AWAY for Happy DREAMS, Sweet Secrets and ZEN Moments!

Baby its BRRR Outside! So how bout a little “DayDreamin”

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So here it is February 1st and I’m thinking BRRR! And to me BRRR means its time to plan a TRIP!

Leopardo Laptop AGREES with me! He dosn’t like the cold much either! He longs for SUNNY Beaches and Umbrella Drinks for me to sip as I stroke his keys and share our AMazing Adventures with all of you!

SO…Thus was the beginning of the plan…! APRILS AMazing Adventures! The Divine Dominican Tour! Leopardo and bb hitting the road again! I love having a PLAN! It gives Leopardo Laptop and I something to countdown to! And April is my Birthday…so the Birthday Bash this year will be the Divine Dominican Tour! After all a girl doesn’t turn 64 every year! hehehe!

The tour is still in the FLUX stages…dates, times and resorts haven’t been locked in…but Leopardo is so excited to be going back he wanted to share the “Over View”…

So here goes…

We will be flying down and landing in SUNNY and WARM Punta Cana on April 5th to start “bb’s Birthday Bash” and Aprils AMazing Adventure” and the “Divine Dominican Tour” NOW I ask you…how will I ever fit that all on a T shirt…plus the names of all of the resorts we will be visiting?!!! LOL! A challenge for sure but one that Leopardo and I are up to!

So here is the line up!

Dreams Palm Beach!

click on link to see more of why Leopardo and I love it so here!

only 20 minutes from the airport! Gotta LOVE THAT! Means closer to an umbrella drink after a flight!

click on link to go over to their FaceBook Fanpage to check out all the great things folks are saying!

From there we are planning on visiting Dreams Punta Cana!

Leopardo and I just LOVE the Dream Team here too!

Memories are made of THIS…

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Today while doing some clean up on “BIG Leopardo Laptop” I came across so many SWEET MEMORIES! Memories that brought back smiles, and laughs and tears and SWEET DREAMS!

This batch is all about SUNscape Casa Del Mar that I had named “SUNscape Casa Del MARvelous”…it was a magical and special time that I LOVED and now that it is DREAMS LA ROMANA I still LOVE IT! What makes it so special for me are the staff and management and the fact that many are still there! They keep the MAGIC ALIVE! And they make DREAMS come true! They live in my heart even when I am away from them!

I hope that this little slide show will share some of the feelings, memories and love that I have for them!

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You’ll see pics of the AMazing AMResorts 5 Year Anniversary Party that I had been invited to and got to celebrate with the staff! There is even a pic of the construction of what is now bldg 3…that trip I was able to take pics and share them with folks who were having concerns about the construction that was going on! Leopardo and I loved being able to do that!

There are beach shots, Food Shots, shot of the old theater that is now Restaurant Row and more!

Hope you enjoy reliving the memories with me!

If any of the pics inspire question please do feel free to reach out as I am always happy to share the SWEET DREAMS!

Happy Travels,
and leopardo laptop

What is an ALEBRIJES you may ask..


Before visiting Dreams Huatulco I started doing some research about the area and this word..ALEBRIJES popped up and intrigued me so I did some extra research and found this:

These very popular figurines are carved from wood by hand and have a very nice history. The name Alebrijes was given by a Mexican Indian of the State of Oaxaca that once had a dream in which he saw strange animals made up of parts of one animal mixed with others, and those animals were making strange sounds that he could not understand. The one and only word that he could understand was Alebrije.

Without knowing the meaning of that word he adopted it as their name. When he awoke, he took a piece of Copal Wood (which is native to Oaxaca) and started carving the animals that he saw in his dream. His animals are very similar of the ones we are presenting here.

Creatively carved by the artists hand, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. Each one a unique piece of art.

Dreams Huatulco has their VERY OWN!

And he greets guests each day in the lobby!

Loving all things Mystical, Magical and Special I was entralled by him!

So imagine my suprise when I went back to my room on my first night to find my very own Leopardo ALEBRIJES waiting for me to guard my “Dreams” and Me!

It was love at first sight! He is truly MAGNIFICENT!

WE love the Magical Alebrijes of Dreams Huatulco and can’t wait to get back and visit him again…but til then we LOVE our Especial Leopardo Alebrijes that came home with Leopardo and me and lives happily in my living room and guards my DREAMS, SECRETS, Moments of NOW, and reminds me to LIVE with ART as at ZOETRY…and always appreciate all of my AMazing Adventures!

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Leopardo and I love DREAMS Huatulco and the DREAM TEAM! And the AMazing Magical Alebrijes!

and leopardo laptop

Before the day slips away….Gracias go out to the DREAM TEAM!

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As my last day is ticking away and before tomorrow appears on the horizon I need to send love, kudos, gracias, many thanks and big hugs out to the AMazing DREAM TEAM here at Dreams Huatulco!

You have all touched my heart and will remain with me until I return again!

Special Thanks to Everett Medina the Chief Concierge and his DREAM TEAM of Concierge! To Angelica Angon the General Manager, Beatriz Smith, and all of the DREAM TEAM who truly have made so many SWEET DREAMS come true for me! Pepe Mueller and his DREAM TEAM! Carlos Ochas and his Dream Team and so many more… the smiles, the friendships made here all travel in my heart with me until I return

Leopardo Laptop and I have so enjoyed our stay…and will keep each of you in our hearts until we return again!

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Thank you So Much DREAM TEAM for making Dreams Come TRUE! Your Gracious Smiles will warm my heart as I head back to the COLD Winter of Baltimore. You have touched me with all of your kindness and warm and open hearts!

Gracias! Mucho Gracias Mi Familia!

and leopardo laptop

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