Breakfast Time @ Secrets in Jamaica

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Breakfast Time @Secerts in Jamaica is FUN for you and your taste buds! So many choices! From Cereals, to a Variety of Breads, Eggs, Bacon and Sausage and tasty Jamaican Treats too. So you can be adventurous and try things that perhaps you haven’t had…or stick to what you always like.

I suggest trying a few new things while you are here! I love the Akee and also the fish in the morning with breakfast! Yesterday I had the French Toast Brule…and was it ever good! YUMMY!!!

Each day you will find a large array of food there and the staff is always so happy! Its not unusual that you will hear singing and the voices are like angels from heaven!

Breakfast at the World Cafe here truly is an experience you don’t want to miss.

When leaving just outside you will find a lovely fountain…so bring some change with you so you can toss some coins in! The coins go to helping an Outreach Program here for the Kids of Jamaica.

You can also donate items to the program…check with Caulette or Guest Services if you bring things they will be happy to help.

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Hope you enjoy the little slide show of Breakfast at the World Cafe

FUN FOOD at Secrets in Jamaica!

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Today was a FUN day even though a few drops of liquid sunshine fell everyone here had a great time! It only lasted a few minutes and then it was gone and the sun came out again and the FUN in the SUN continued the rest of the day!

Discovered the Barefoot Grill today! Its located between Secrets St. James and Wild Orchid and its a fun place for a snack or light lunch. They serve Hot Dogs and Hamburgers along with Nachos and Cheese…but my FAV are the Jamaican Chicken Patties and Veggie Fritters YUM YUM!!! They have cold sodas served up in a canoe! And Infused waters available too!

Tonights dining experience was at Himitsu at the Show Cooking Table! What FUN! They start you out with some Sushi and then move on to soup, you can choose spicy shrimp or misu. I had the Misu Soup and it was so good! Then the show begins as the cook prepares your meal right before your eyes! Shrimp, Chicken, Beef and all the fixin’s like fried Rice and veggies! The food was GREAT! Its a fun experience and one I recommend you try when you are here!

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Hope you enjoy the slideshow and video clip!