Kitchen Katastrophie

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A Before and After Shot of The Kitchen show the Hard Work and Love That Erin Hodges of Charm City Organizers put in along with me! We worked for 3 Hours with a short break and I did a bit of Finishing Touches Home Work and added 2 Roll Away Carts.

I am beyond pleased with the progress! Finding Flat Surfaces under Mountains of Mess made my heart Leap for Joy!

Erin and I will get together again in September to tackle my Dining and Living Room! I’m excited and hopeful of #WhatWillBE

Erin and Charm City Organizers Are The Best!

#Landscape Lovin in #Hovel2HOME #ThankYou

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A Special Thanks to my neighbors Carolyn and Mel for all they did to help the Zen come back into my Life and My Yard!

Your efforts are so appreciated … Thank You doesn’t begin to cover it!

The weeding, the power washing, the painting, “The Landscape Love” you so graciously shared has touched my heart! All of that and your wise words to me have been an inspiration. Thank You From The Bottom of My Heart and Very Big Hugs of Gratitude!