Good Afternoon Everyone!

Thank you to all of you who are following along on this #VivaVallarta Tour! Thanks for all the great comments and ReTweets and more!

I wanted to share with you all that sometimes I get caught up …”IN THE MOMENT” and forget to mention some things and I want to share with you NOW!

Some of the things that you may see in my pics are not “Typical” nor “Standard” and I apologize for not sharing that at the time that I posted them. I will in the future so there will not be any confusion.

Many of the things, like flowers, sweet treats, fruit plates, sushi and upgraded amenities are available for purchase to enhance the experience. They are nice treats to consider if you are coming for a special occasion, such as a birthday or wedding. Or even if you know someone who is coming and you want to surprise them with a little extra touch!

My suggestion is to reach out to the Econcierge at whichever resort and to let them know you are looking to enhance your or someone else experience with a treat…. They will have a complete list of things and prices and are always happy to be of help in adding a smile to your or that someone specials day or time at the resort!

Its a great way to show the LOVE and Share the LOVE!

You can go to any of the resorts fanpage and find their e concierge and get in touch! And also you can write to me and I would be happy to forward on their email info if for some reason you cannot find it.

I apologize for not sharing this sooner. And I hope that I haven’t upset or misled anyone in sharing my excitement to be here on this visit and on my many past trips. I’ve been truly blessed in forming some very special relationships along the way of my travels and look forward to continue to sharing the LOVE!