NOW Amber CoreZone where Teens have a Rockin’ Good Time!

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Got to check out the CoreZone this afternoon! WOW is it a FUN Place for Teens! So much to do lots of games of all kinds! Wii, PlayStation, Pool Tables, Ping Pong, Air Hockey….Teens sure won’t be bored here! And they plan parties just for teens! A great place to hang out with new friends, thats the CoreZone and I think the TEENS are going to LOVE IT!

Made me wish I was back in my Teens!

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Explorers Club at NOW Amber is Kids WONDERLAND!

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The Explorers Club at NOW Amber is truly a Kids Wonderland!  From the moment you walk through the tunnel painted with all kinds of fun Prehistoric Creatures into the grounds its AWESOME!


They have so much to keep kids happy!  Rock Climbing! Mini Golf, Basketball, Trampoline, Spider Climb!  A great Gaming Room and Theater for shows!  All of the walls will be painted with fun Murals!  Most are done with only a few finishing touches remaining to do.


I am amazed with all they have accomplished!  And with what is yet to come!  Karla who I know from Dreams Villamagna was gracious enough to take me on the tour this morning and even she is WOWED by the way The Explorers Club here at NOW Amber has turned out!


It truly is a Kids Wonderland!!!

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Dinner @Castaways was MARVELOUS

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We’re HERE! @Now Amber and Secrets Vallarta Bay

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After an eventful trip with late start and gate changes we made it here at NOW Amber and Secrets Vallarta Bay and WE LOVE IT!


After getting to my room 1657 in Now Amber and a quick unpack realized that I forgot to  pack my 3 cameras, and they were home on my couch! GRRR!  But Lindsey, Fernando and Sergio of  Amstar came to my rescue!  They are my ROCK STARS of Amstar!  Got me to a Walmart and bought a new camera and extra battery so now I’m loaded for bear and let the postings begin!


The sunset from my room yesterday was GORGEOUS AND AMazing!  Then I went down to the lobby of NOW Amber and walked over to the Lobby of Secrets to explore a bit!  Elizabeth the Concierge was so helpful helping me get my memory card out of the plastic packaging!  Then later showing me how to get to Castaways for Dinner!  Gracias and Kudos to Elizabeth and all the staff I’ve met thus far!  Really felling the LOVE!


Speaking of LOVE there is a LOT of it here!  Have seen some familiar faces and waved and hugged old friends and met some AMazing New ones!  This place captures my heart for sure! 


The Vibe in the lobby last night with the LIVE Music, Spectacular Sunset, Great Drink was a perfect combination of AH…I’m HOME!


Found my way to Castaways and had a lovely dinner there!  The menu was extensive and everything was so good!  I had the Shrimp and Spinach Salad to start the Beef Chimichura Style and topped it off with Tirimisu and a Black Sambuca! 


Then came back to my room for an early sleep and WOW the bed and linens and having the door to my patio open and hearing those waves put me right to SLEEP! 


Have been posting pics and tweeting pics too via LeoPODo my Ipod touch…haven’t downloaded anything yet onto Leopardo Laptop…but that will come!!/search/%23VivaVallarta!/baltobabe

Above are the links for Twitter and Facebook, hope you will be following along and enjoying this AMazing Adventure that is #VivaVallarta