The FUN Never Stops At Dreams Puerto Vallarta

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Earlier today I saw in my trusty SUNdial Newsletter (this gets delivered every evening for the next day) that today would be the Beach Volley Ball Game of Managers vs Guest! I thought it would be a FUN event to capture and share!

So below is a slide show…showing some of the Shots and FUN that was had by both sides! Hope you enjoy! Remember Check your SUNdial Newsletter you don’t want to miss a moment of the FUN!

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Dreams Puerto Vallarta HOME WITH A HUG!

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Arriving home to Dreams Puerto Vallarta is like coming HOME to a HUG from Mamacita! The warm and friendly faces of the staff, the lovely intimate setting of the Resort, the way it is located in a cove…are add up to giving me the feeling I am being hugged and loved! I LOVE this place and the people here!

Am staying in the Preferred Club in a Jacuzzi Suite and Highly recommend that upgrade. The Preferred Club offers so much, I particularly like having the free internet that comes with Preferred Club as I bring my laptop and am able to share more with that option. Also the lounge at the lobby level at Preferred Club is such a nice feature to get continental breakfast and snacks and drinks whenever you like! And having the Preferred Club Concierge adds to the experience also.

Don’t get me wrong…that is not to say that you won’t have a fantastic experience with out preferred. ALL Guests are treated with love and attention no matter what room type they book. I have been here 3 times and can tell you that the guests that I’ve met and spoken with are all pleased with the way that they are made to feel like family here at Dreams Puerto Vallarta

Yesterday I had lunch at Oceana and it was amazing, the view there and the FOOD was so GOOD! I took a few shots to share that you can see in my Album on my FaceBook Page here:

When you get to the pic, just click on the top where it says back to album to see all of the Lunch Pics! Or you can click on the pic and it will go to the next…

Dinner last night was at Portofino and was so Delicious! Here is a little slide show sharing it!

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After Dinner I came back to my room and listened to the music that was playing from the Beach and at the end they had Fireworks! WOW, What a moment it was, it really made me feel so blessed to be alive and be here at HOME in Dreams Puerto Vallarta sounded by a BIG HUG! I could feel the LOVE!

Dreams Villamagna Spa

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The Spa at Dreams Villamagna truly is an oasis of Relaxation and Luxury. The Staff there is dedicated to pampering the guests and truly do just that!

Upon signing in and filling out a small questionnaire you are taken to the dressing room to your locker where you will find neatly tucked in your slippers for the day, a robe, and bottle of water. Its best to wear or bring your bathing suit so you can take full advantage of the Hydra Therapy Facilities

After you change… you are taken to the Hydra Therapy Room that is so very relaxing there are two round Jacuzzi one with warm and one with cooler water, the steam and sauna rooms are both just off the large Hydro Therapy room. My Favorite Features are the two very largo Hydra Therapy Circuit pools! One has the Jets of water for your shoulders in fact 2 different kinds and those amazing “water beds” that are amazing…they are steel rods that are shaped like a couch and when you lie on them you are massaged by water….OH SO HEAVENLY!

The other pool right next to it has a station that you stand on and the water bubbles up between your toes and legs massaging you and relaxing you so nicely! Also there is seating in that pool so you can experience Jacuzzi on your legs and back!

A very nice feature of the spa is the fact that its partially open air and the view from the lounge chairs over those two pools is so tropical and relaxing along with the ambient music that play….it truly takes you away to you Zen Place!

They have many Therapies to choose from both for Ladies and Men, they offer Couples Treatments also and their Therapy rooms are fit for all types of treatments. Some even have a lovely massage tub and shower in the room so you can experience a body scrub and wrap and in the same room you have a lovely shower available to rinse off! Every Detail of Luxury and Relaxation!

Below is a slide show of Dreams Villamagna when I was there I enjoyed the facilities completely and had something new that is not quite yet on the spa menu but Luis the Spa Manager told me that this is something they are planning on putting on that menu. It is the 4 handed Massage. The one I had was called Ying and Yang as I had a both a male and female working on me for one hour it was out of this world AMAZING! I had 4 hand massage about 15 years ago in St. Lucia and can say that this one here at Dreams Villamagna was oh so much better! An hour of BLISS!

After Ying and Yang I enjoyed a body wrap of Mexican Aloe that hydrated my skin and smelled oh so fresh and relaxed my body and senses even more! It was nice to have the shower right there in the room so I could rinse off privately with out having to travel to another area as sometimes happens in some spas.

To find out more about the Spa at Dreams Villmagna you can check their Webpage:

This would also be a great experience to “gift” someone you love who is going to be staying here. I’d suggest reaching out to Brenda their E-Concierge. She can give you more information and pricing of treatments and even help you customize your experience at the spa. Its a great gift to give someone you LOVE and YOURSELF TOO! Here is Brendas FaceBook Page

Here is The Slide Show of Dreams Villamagna Spa! LOVE IT!

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Got to see a Wedding today here at Dreams Villamagna!

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Earlier today I heard from Daniel The Wedding Coordinator there was going to be a Wedding around 5pm.

Was in my room and got to capture a few pics that show a little glimpse into a Brides Special Day. Earlier in the day I was in the Beauty Salon capturing some pics to share and the Bride was in getting her hair done and was being pampered by the staff she looked beautiful!

Saw Daniel bringing her the beautiful bouquet and then later saw the attention to detail that the staff was putting in to the set up on the beach. So much love goes into an event like this! Kudos to Daniel and the Team here at Dreams Villamagna

This slide show are just some pics that I got to snap from my balcony. To see some really great pics and comments I’d suggest taking a look:

Also the Wedding Page on the Main Resort Page too

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Explaination and Expectation…and more…

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Good Afternoon Everyone!

Thank you to all of you who are following along on this #VivaVallarta Tour! Thanks for all the great comments and ReTweets and more!

I wanted to share with you all that sometimes I get caught up …”IN THE MOMENT” and forget to mention some things and I want to share with you NOW!

Some of the things that you may see in my pics are not “Typical” nor “Standard” and I apologize for not sharing that at the time that I posted them. I will in the future so there will not be any confusion.

Many of the things, like flowers, sweet treats, fruit plates, sushi and upgraded amenities are available for purchase to enhance the experience. They are nice treats to consider if you are coming for a special occasion, such as a birthday or wedding. Or even if you know someone who is coming and you want to surprise them with a little extra touch!

My suggestion is to reach out to the Econcierge at whichever resort and to let them know you are looking to enhance your or someone else experience with a treat…. They will have a complete list of things and prices and are always happy to be of help in adding a smile to your or that someone specials day or time at the resort!

Its a great way to show the LOVE and Share the LOVE!

You can go to any of the resorts fanpage and find their e concierge and get in touch! And also you can write to me and I would be happy to forward on their email info if for some reason you cannot find it.

I apologize for not sharing this sooner. And I hope that I haven’t upset or misled anyone in sharing my excitement to be here on this visit and on my many past trips. I’ve been truly blessed in forming some very special relationships along the way of my travels and look forward to continue to sharing the LOVE!

Dreams Villamagna The Food is a SWEET DREAM TOO!

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One of the many things that impresses me about Dreams Villamagna is the attention to detail on so many levels.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the “FOOD Details”…

Chef Gerardo and his team truly do an AMazing Job here. Below is a brief slide show of both Lunch and Dinner from yesterday to tease your taste buds.

Lunch was at the Seaside Grill and started with a lovely Tuna fish tartar mini tostadas with avocado and sesame seed emulsion that was out of this world! Then came the Dreams Squid and Shrimp Ceviche with coconut milk and lime juice served in a shell that was even delicious! The Main Course was Fresh Mahi mahi fish served with tomato and capers warm vinaigrette and Asiatic style little salad that was in a glass on the plate with the fish…OMG this was so good! The final course was Exotic fruits and lime tartlet with the plate decorated with “Leopardo” touches! Lunch was a symphony of flavors and each course brought to the table with such gorgeous presentation …

Dinner at Portofino did not disappoint… it started with Arugula and organic lettuce mixed salad with grilled scallops and raspberry vinaigrette. And the plate was a work of art! Next was the Micro funghi risotto and basil pesto and this dish brought Mushrooms to another level of…DELICIOUSNESS! Our main course was New Zealand rack of lamb served with fresh home made fetuccini with beef and tomato sauce that was a taste treat I fell in LOVE WITH!!! Dessert well it just topped of a perfect meal…it was Pineapple carpaccio marinated with lemoncello liquor, marscarpone and wild berries ice cream with coconut sauce!!! My taste buds were ecstatic! And as if that all wasn’t enough the pastry chef sent out a lovely tray of Chocolates, various treats, covered strawberries and truffles…what a way to end a meal!

Yes the food here at Dreams Villamagna never disappoints me! Each time I’ve visited I’ve been impressed and thus far they still have that same HIGH BAR of Excellence in Food,presentation and TASTE! Kudos to the Food and Beverage Team and to Chef Gerardo and all of his staff!

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NOW Amber Around and About The Resort

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to walk around the resort and get some great pics showing a lot and hope that this slide show will help those who had some questions…especially about the Swim Out Suites and also the Preferred Club.

Its always been my passion to share and in doing so give those who are looking to come a familiar feel of any of the AMResorts I visit before they arrive! So when you get here you can say … ah yes…this truly feels like HOME!!!

I started out at Carnival that is on the 1st floor (ground floor) of the main bldg of NOW Amber and then walked my way around… There are pics here of the Swim Out Suites of the Main Bldg of Now Amber, I visited the Preferred Club of NOW Amber and then walked around the Deck, Beach and Pool Areas I hope I captured the Magic that is NOW Amber…

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If you have any questions you can reach me here on this blog, Facebook, Twitter or shoot me an email at

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