Missing Mexico and The AMazing SUNRISES

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Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Where Angles Left Their Wings

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Its said that The Angles came to Los Cabos and Fell in LOVE and left their wings…  You see touches of this throughout Secrets Marquis Los Cabos.  A Truly Beautiful GEM of a Resort!

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The Spa at Secrets Marquis Los Cabos

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The Spa at Secrets Marquis Los Cabos is truly a Respite to Relax and Rejuvinate! From the Decor throughout the spa to the two lovely relaxing areas both inside and out your mind slows to a gentle pace and you start to feel at Peace with yourself!

I enjoyed both of the Relaxing Areas! Outside is lovely with the Jacuzzis and the Plunge Pool that is located just below one of the Signature Waterfalls at Secrets Marquis!

Inside the Relaxing Area also has a Watefall Wall Feature that has a very soothing effect while you are waiting for your Therapist.

Below is a slide show from my visit to the Spa while I was there I had a lovely 80 minute Signature Aroma Therapy Massage. It was a lovely way to end my day… I recommend the spa and any of their treatments while you are there!

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The Spa at Dreams Los Cabos…

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I LOVE The Spa at Dreams Los Cabos! Its both Relaxing and Rejuvenating, that’s a great combination for when you are trying release the stress and regain the peace of heart!

Here is a little slide show that shows the spa!

While I was there I got the “Tropical Experience” A lovely scrub and then shower and massage. The room was set up so beautifully prepared with a shower just a few steps within the room so I could shower after the scrub and then get back on the freshly prepared massage table and enjoy the lovely tropical scent massage! LOVED IT and Highly Recommend it when you are there!

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Dreams Los Cabos LOVES FootBall

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At Dreams Los Cabos they really do LOVE Football!

Last week while I was there New England played the Ravens and we watched at Desires Lounge that was all decked out for that game and another… right after it!

They set the bar up with all kinds of FUN decorations and the TVS and even a BIG SCREEN…and the FOOD!!! WOW they had a really great “Tailgating Party” served up for everyone!

Check out this little Slide show….showing it all!

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The Lovin’ Los Cabos Tour says Gracias and Adious

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Sadly we are leaving today. Gracias to @DreamsResorts Los Cabos @ZoetryResorts Casa Del Mar @SecretsResorts Marqius Los Cabos. It has been An AMazing Adventure! We love you and we keep you all in our hearts until we return.

Pool and Beach Service @SecretsResorts Marqius Los Cabos

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Maurico just made my Morning with a Smile and a Margarita! #Lovin’LosCabos Tour Continues!

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