Its hard to believe that The Divine Dominican Tour is over … The Leopardo Boys and I had such a great time when we were there and the memories and magical moments will live in our heart 4 SURE!

While we were there we Blogged, Tweeted and shared on both Facebook and Youtube!

Below is a one stop shop type of link that you can check out to “Stay Connected” with each of the Brands that the Leopardo Boys and I got to visit! Its a GREAT RESOURCE!

I love popping on the the FaceBook Fanpages to get a REAL DEAL FEEL of the excitement of guests who are both going or have been or better yet there posting LIVE FROM like the Leopardo Boys and I did!

YouTube is such FUN too! Great Vids both professional and REAL DEAL FEEL from vacationers who want to SHARE THE DREAM and MORE! Which reminds me I have a bunch of vids I need to put up on my YouTube Channel…

The BLOGS for each of the resorts is great too! I love reading them to see whats new and exciting and LOVE the way that they share recipes and so much MORE!

Be on the look out…because the Leopardo Boys and I have a lot more to share about the DIVINE DOMINICAN TOUR! Its Never OVER… The DREAM Lives ON! The SECRETS are so SWEET they must always be SHARED! Those MOMENTS of NOW are Cherished ALWAYS! And the ZENsational Zoetry is to be LIVED with ART!