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So where did I leave off…from this morning? We had just visited the NEW NOW and SECRETS!

AND I was about to tell you about DREAMS Punta Cana! Oh I love it there! I remember when it was SUNsational SUNscape The Beach! Its been so great to see it and their AMazing Staff grow and become the AMazing DREAM TEAM they have become!

It truly is like coming home to me! And I always learn new and wonderful things each trip! This time a couple of things stand out to me! One is that when you book Preferred Club you now have the option of Ala Carte Dining at the Oceana Restaurant LOVE THIS!!! The View is GREAT! But the menu even better! Coca the food and beverage Manager and Vanessa the Preferred Club Manager and their teams truly hit it out of the ball park! I had breakfast at Oceana each day I was there!

One of the other things that made me smile was “The CHEFS Garden” that Florian Monnier their Resident manager shared with me! AND the DUCKS POND and Running Path! I never knew of them! At the entrance of the hotel you can walk down the driveway and to the right you will see what you may have missed on your way in…I know I missed it! They are creating a CHEF Garden in which they will grow all fresh herbs and spices and good things for the Meals at Dreams Punta cana!

Just across from the Chefs Garden is a lovely idillac setting of the pond a lovely garden and trees and the Ducks! Florian is hoping to get a swan or two there also! AND a Bench because it truly is someplace you want to linger…there is even a little bridge that goes across…Can’t wait to share some of the pics with you!

Well…its getting close for me to head on home…so I had bettr close this post and sign off and out… Will continue more either tonight or tomorrow…because you know we love to share SWEEET DREAMS AND SECRETS!

and the leopard boys!

Dreams can come TRUE and Secrets are to be shared and so much more.

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Recently back from another AMazing AMResorts Trip! Visited all of the Dreams, Secrets, Zoetry and the newest brand NOW while there from April 5th to 19th. The Trip was named “The Divine Dominican Tour” and it truly was.

Today I am back at work and wishing “THE DREAM” and the Divine Dominican Tour was still going on! But alas, reality peeks into my life and “The Leopardo Boys” and I are back in “B’more” doing laundry and remember all the Sweet Memories this trip brought!

Since I am at work and don’t have access to my pics…I thought that perhaps I would share some of the thoughts of the trip…sans pictures…then do individual blog posts on each exciting resort and the many things that caught my heart at each later when at home with the Pictures and Videos so you will get the “full blown” effect on why each resort is so special to me and so many others!

The Divine Dominican Tour started as a DREAM TOUR way back in January when I started to plan it and I had contacted my friends at each resort and the Director to see if the dates would work for them…Then I designed a tee shirt to go with the tour…I love doing that for each trip I take and then when the trip is finished I have a great rememberance of the love and fun that was had on that particular trip! The shirts are always a HIT when I arrive the Teams love to see them and we all have a good laugh!

Another thing that goes into the preparation of any of the Trips is getting “The Bergers”…for those of you who don’t know we always like to take down “The Berger Cookies” a sweet treat that is famous and made here in B’more! Mi Familia in Mexico, The Dominican Republic and Jamaica LOVE THEM! And “Mama Leoparod” always likes to bring them! This trip…since we were visiting so many resorts required some planning… 50 boxes of the large and 50 boxes of the smaller 2 packs were ordered but alas a glitch popped in and plan b had to take affect…my original order was shorted and I had to go to another source to make up the quantity…but nothing will stop Mama Leopardo on her quest to feed the cookies to those I love! LOL! A last minute stop on the way to the airport to get just a few more boxes of BERGERS made it happen!

Then there were the addition to some new members of “Mi Leopardo Familia”…this trip Leopardo Laptop and I also took LeoPADo the new Ipad 2 all decked out in his leopard skin from Decal Gal and the lovely LeoPODo the 4th Gen Ipod who takes pics and can post LIVE FROM …REALLY LIVE!!! The boys all played nice together on this trip and LeoPADo stepped in BIG TIME when our dear Leopardo had a case of “YIKES I’m FROZEN”

While we were at Dreams LaRomana poor Leopardo got a case of FREEZE….That is when LeoPADo really stepped in posting blogs and pics…thank heavens for LeoPADo. AND BIG HUGS and KUDOS to “Dr. Leonardo” was the IT Guru who fixed him and saved the day! Kudos and Hugs to Dr. Leonardo all the LEOS were rocking and the Divine Dominican Tour rocked on from there thanks to the Genius of Dr. Leonardo!

Lets get back on track…The Divine Dominican Tour started when we landed in Punta Cana and headed to our very first stop…Dreams Palm Beach!

Ah…Dreams Palm Beach so close to the airport and such a SWEET DREAM TOO! The DREAM TEAM there really does ROCK! I love the layout there it is so easy and convenient to get around and the beach there is one of the nicest with calm water that is safe and fun for kids and grown ups alike! And always something fun going on around the resort..that is where the SUNdial Newsletter comes in handy!

After Dreams Palm Beach the Leopardo Boys and I headed down the road a little further to visit the two newest additions to the AMResorts Brands! NOW Larimar and SECRETS Royal Beach! These are two great properties that will be on line starting on May 1st and are they ever GREAT!

The Location is great! Wait til you see the pics… I got to meet the team of both NOW Larimar and SECRETS Royal Beach and to stay at NOW Larimar for one night and tour both to capture pics and meet the teams. The will be offering the “Unlimited Luxury” that both the NOW and SECRETS brands re both known for. Even though my time there was brief I got the feeling that these additions are going to be great and yet another AMazing AMResorts choice for vacationers coming to Punta Cana.

Already up are lots of great info on their websites… you can check out their links above!

Another great way to catch up on any of the news is to check out the FaceBook Fanpages and the Blogs of each of the resorts! Here is a fun link that I use often to do just that…all of the brands and links to their fun info right here in one great place!

Well…like I said I am at work right now…so I will continue with more about the Divine Dominican Tour a little later…

So much more to tell…there was Dreams Punta Cana, Zoetry Agua and Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana…

Til later!
and the Leopardo Boys!