Good Morning from Dreams La Romana! The Leeopardo Boys and I arrived here yesterday and were welcomed HOME by the Dream TEAM!


It’s always great to come back here because this is were our AMazing AMResorts Adventures began many years ago when the ares RT was named SUNscape Casa del Mar and I used to call it SUNscape Casa del MARvelous! And still there are so many wonderful Friends and family still here!

The Leopard Boys and I were so touched at all of the special Leopardo touches they arranged for us from the arrival with the drink tray covered in leopard to our bedroom decorated in leopard and a leopard birthday cake…it touched our heart…we just love the DREAM TEAM!!!

There was a wonderful surprise B’day party for me on the beach last night with my FAV dinner if CHIVO! We had so much fun and many laughs!

The one “sad” thing is that Leopardo laptop seems to be frozen and won’t start so we are going down now to have him checked by a computer guru! Thank goodness LeoPADo has stepped in and is helping out but LeoPADo and I are learning together how to play nice…so be patient if you donta see as many pics and long post…we will get it together because Sweet Dreams LaRomana MUST be shared. And make sure to check my Facebook and the Dreams LaRomana fan page for more pics too

And the Leopardo Boys