LOVE LOVE LOVE Zoetry Agua! This truly is where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet to make MAGIC! Each and every moment of this visit has been MAGICAL!

I was very excited to be coming back again…and even more excited as each day of this visit unfolded and I could see the changes that have taken place since my last visit…and that are taking place each and every day that I am here! Magical is the word to explain it…truly!

There is just something about Zoetry Agua Punta Cana that embraces you like a warm and friendly hug from the time that you step into the lobby and every moment there after during your stay…. The staff here is so friendly and goes out of their way to make your wishes their goals…always doing everything they can to make sure that you their guest has the finest and most memorable experience!

Every aspect of the resort is MAGICAL! I love the layout…how everything is so easily reached by a short walk…very comfortable and easy… I love the way the resort twinkles at night…the lighting on the pathways is a magical fairyland…From Sunrise to Sunset to the Magic of Twilight and Evening…you feel the warm and MAGICAL embrace of Zoetry!

You know I coined the phrase….Zoetry where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet and make MAGIC! And it was inspired because of the feeling that exists here at Zoetry Agua that truly represents the Zoetry Brand!

The Location and the Beach are MAGICAL and afford you the ZEN Moments that you are looking for!

The menus and the food at each dining experience are both Magical and Memorable! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and all of the in between moments are gourmet and DELICIOUS! Every Morsel and Moment dining here truly has been MAGICAL!

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Yesterday…I was inspired by Zoetry Agua and the Word ZENsational became coined! Zoetry Agua Punta Cana and its TEAM headed by Sr Luis Fitch is ZENsational!

The Leoopardo Boys and I will carry it in our hearts FOREVER!

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Today is our last full day here and we will be sad to go…but will have Zoetry Agua Punta Cana in our hearts ALWAYS!

and the Leopardo Boys!