Sadly today the Leopardo Boys and I will be departing Dreams Palm Beach….but we take with us SWEET DREAMS and MAGIC MEMORIES to keep in our heart until we return!

Its been such a fun visit!

We have our album of pics here:

And we have been posting over on Their FaceBook Fanpage the link is here:

And over on Youtube we have loaded some videos:

All in hopes to share the SWEET DREAMS that we have had here at Dreams Palm Beach!

Will be adding more as the day is just beginning and I want to get out and about to capture a few more of those Sweet Dreams and Magic Memories!

Please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions…am always happy to Share the Love and the DREAM!

Signing off for the moment…enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee from Room Service as the day is dawning and the DREAM LIVES ON!

and the leopardo boys