LOL! Pardon me if I am a little punchy today but I got up early to order my NEW LOVAH!!! The IPAD2! Don’t Tell “Lil Leopardo” (my ipod4GEN other LOVAH!) or Leopardo Laptop (my first LOVAH!)

Went to bed early last night in order to get some ZZZZ’s so I could get up at 3AM and be ready when Apple let it RIP! And I was one of the first to order on line! Got the 32G with Wifi and 3G with Verizon in Black! After all we all know that he will soon be covered in a Leopardo Skin from my buddies at Decal Girl! Also picked up the camera kit and the spiffy new cover in PINK!!! (only because they did not offer it in LEOPARDO!)

BUT…last night my delivery from Amazon came!!! OH WOW!!! I got 2 Faux Fur Leopardo cases to house LeoPADO and Leopardo! They ROCK!!! Wait til you see them! They are soft and velvety and oh so LUXE!!! A perfect carrier for two such special Leopard Boys!

So NOW The Leopard Boys will all soon be together and I am sure playing nicely! I will have time to tame them a bit before the DIVINE DOMINCAN TOUR whre they will all be traveling with me to BLOG and TWEET and FaceBook to SPREAD THE LOVE and SO MUCH MORE! Its going to be an AMazing Adventure!

Here is the Link to check all the other LINKS…in one neat place!

Make sure to come and follow us starting April 5th as we have SWEEET DREAMS! MOMENTS OF NOW, ZOETRY ZEN, and SWEET SECRETS!

bb and her leopardo boys!