Good Morning Cyber World! Counting down…today is 27 days to take off! Gosh I love a good countdown don’t you?!!!

Anyway…There is so much going on…and I wanted to share some of the excitement with my pals in the cyber world!

As many of you know by now there are 2 NEW AMazing Additions to the AMResorts Family!

Secrets Royal Beach and NOW Larimar! WOW! How exciting is that! They are going to come on line as of May 1, BUT since “The Leopardo Boys” and I will be down in the Dominican Republic we are going to get to go visit and meet the teams! WE are over the top excited about this!

Here is some FUN info and links for Secrets Royal Beach:

Their webpage is going to be growing as that May 1st date comes closer so keep an eye out for more and more great info there!

and guess what…they even have a FaceBook FAN PAGE!!! Its ROCKIN’ with great info and comments!

And of course NOW Larimar too has their own webpage and FaceBook and FAN PAGE…here are their links!

and for the facebook fanpage below:

Both of these resorts were once branded as NH…and its funny because Leopardo and I visited them in 2008. So we can’t wait to get back and see the changes and meet the teams and of course take lots of pics and videos to share as we BLOG our way along on the “Divine Dominican Tour” aka “AMazing AMResorts Adventure 2011”

Dont forget to check out the contact info page at:

Its such a great source to keep in contact and get info for any of the AMazing AMresorts! Like I always say “AMResorts…AMazing Vacations and SO MUCH MORE”

and Happy Travels!
and leopardo laptop