33 Days til Take off and the Divine Dominican Tour!

So much to think about and so much to do! 5 Hotels in 2 weeks! Its going to be a WHIRLWIND! But Leopardo Laptop and I just LOVE IT!

Speaking of Leopardo Laptop…I think he might be getting a bit jealous of my newest addition to the Media Blitz Equipment! I told you yesterday about “Lil’ Leopardo” the new Ipod Touch 4GEN…my new LOVAH! WELL…don’t you know that Steve Jobs announced the NEW IPAD2 yesterday that is going to be going on sale on March 11th! OMG! You guessed it…old bb will be setting my alarm clock to get me up at midnight so I can order him for the AMazing April Adventures! It will be my Birthday Gift to myself! Who Better to take on my Birthday Bash!

NOW…I am not saying I am going to replace Leopardo Laptop…heaven forbid! He has been with me through thick and thin and done such a great job on SO MANY AMazing Adventures! But I am thinking the NEW BOYS on the block are lighter to LUG AROUND and can go with me as I am “traipsing around” the resorts doing LIVE FROM”S …REALLY LIVE!!! And giving Leopardo a bit of a rest so he can be ready for a work out when I stop back to the room to refresh for dinner and such…

So I now have to conjure up a name for the Ipad 2…. Lets see we have “Leopardo Laptop” for my trusty netbook who I LOVE! “Lil’ Leopardo” for my NEW LOVAH, the Ipod 4GEN what shall I name Ipad2…it has to have a Leopardo themed name! Perhaps “LeoPADo”!!! I kind of like that! But am open for names if you want to send me some!

Oh…and I contacted my buddies at
and asked them if they would be doing a “SKIN” for the Ipad2 and they got back to me right away with a RESOUNDING “YES OF COURSE”!!! So it looks like a go for April and the AMazing Adventures of bb and her Leopard BOYS!

I sort of like that!.. “BB and Her Leopardo Boys”…Off to Spread The LOVE, Share the DREAMS, Reveal the SECRETS, Live life with ART at Zoetry and always be in our Moments of NOW”…

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Happy Travels!