Whats DDT you may ask..??? Well let me tell you…its the “The DIVINE DOMINICAN TOUR”… Its whas Leopardo Laptop and I are LIVING FOR!

Visiting each and every one of the AMazing AMResorts in the Dominican Republic! I blogged about it yesterday and will be sharing from now til take off…

Speaking of sharing my DEAR FRIEND Emily has a blog and is planning a similar trip later this year and she is sharing too…check it out!


I met Emily a few years ago via “The Dreams Forum” this was before the days of Facebook…oh those were the days! We had such fun on the Dreams Forum…And still do on Facebook Fan pages too! It was all about sharing SWEET DREAMS! Because back then there was no SECRETS in the Dominican! WAY Back there were not even any DREAMS…but they were SUNscapes! Well Emily and I have shared and seen a lot of great growing in the BRANDS!

I hope you will check out her blog, she writes with passion and love about her trips! And she shares so much!

HUGS to EMILY! And one day its my DREAM to be with her at a DREAMS or SECRETS to deliver a BIG HUG in person!

So…a little more info…hehehe! Yesterday I went out and got an Ipod Touch 4th GEN to take on the trip! OMG! What can I say I am in love with this little boy…hehehe! Of course he is named Leopardo and I am waiting for his “skin” to be delivered from Decal Girl!

You can take pics and vids and post them LIVE on Facebook and Twitter! I practiced with him a bit yesterday and he works fine!

SO when I tell you I will be reporting LIVE FROM…it will be brought to you via “Lil Leopardo” The Ipod Touch 4Gen WONDER BOY…who is now my NEW LOVAH!!!

and Happy Travels!
and leopardo laptop!