Before visiting Dreams Huatulco I started doing some research about the area and this word..ALEBRIJES popped up and intrigued me so I did some extra research and found this:

These very popular figurines are carved from wood by hand and have a very nice history. The name Alebrijes was given by a Mexican Indian of the State of Oaxaca that once had a dream in which he saw strange animals made up of parts of one animal mixed with others, and those animals were making strange sounds that he could not understand. The one and only word that he could understand was Alebrije.

Without knowing the meaning of that word he adopted it as their name. When he awoke, he took a piece of Copal Wood (which is native to Oaxaca) and started carving the animals that he saw in his dream. His animals are very similar of the ones we are presenting here.

Creatively carved by the artists hand, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. Each one a unique piece of art.

Dreams Huatulco has their VERY OWN!

And he greets guests each day in the lobby!

Loving all things Mystical, Magical and Special I was entralled by him!

So imagine my suprise when I went back to my room on my first night to find my very own Leopardo ALEBRIJES waiting for me to guard my “Dreams” and Me!

It was love at first sight! He is truly MAGNIFICENT!

WE love the Magical Alebrijes of Dreams Huatulco and can’t wait to get back and visit him again…but til then we LOVE our Especial Leopardo Alebrijes that came home with Leopardo and me and lives happily in my living room and guards my DREAMS, SECRETS, Moments of NOW, and reminds me to LIVE with ART as at ZOETRY…and always appreciate all of my AMazing Adventures!

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Leopardo and I love DREAMS Huatulco and the DREAM TEAM! And the AMazing Magical Alebrijes!

and leopardo laptop