Hola Cyber World!

Last night I took all of the “Happiness Found in Huatulco Pics” from Leopardo Laptop and put them into my portable Hardrive! So I can plug them in not matter where I am and check them out and share them too! Leopardo never likes that part…he doesn’t always share well…BAD Leopardo! hehehe!

So I thought I would share this morning with you some of the parting shots I got on my last few moments there…the one above is the luggage being loaded into the van… I sadly watched as I sipped my last Mojito there at the Lobby Bar at Dreams Huatulco!

But soon after that folks started showing up to say goodbye and wish me safe travels! So many of the DREAM TEAM came by…Pepe, Beatriz and even Angelica all stopped by to say good by to Leopardo and I … we were touched as we had fallen in love with “THEIR SWEET DREAM” and we did not want to leave!

Just as Everett finished getting the Luggage Loaded…

Then that is when Jane and John appeared to say Adios!

a href=”https://baltobabe.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/jan-17-last-day-at-dreams-huatulco-033.jpg”>

It was such fun being able to be with them the night before and have a wonderful dinner with them and Glo and Joe on the Beach! Such fond and special memories and SWEET DREAMS I take with me in my heart! And I know that I will see them all again!

Below is a little slide of some of the Sweet DREAMS Memories of my last day at Dreams Huatulco…

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Well back to work…more SWEET DREAMING later…

and leopardo laptop