First…WOW WHATTA TRIP! And will be sharing more of that AMazing Adventure in future posts but wanted to check in and give you a recap of my travels from Huatulco to Houston to B’more…LOL!

The drive from Dreams Huatulco to the Aiport was great! Everett was sweet enough drive me and we chatted the whole way there and then he helped me get checked in and waited with me for borarding. LOVE HIM! He definately is one of my AMazing AMResorts SONS 4 sure!

The plane ride was uneventful…I had a movie on my ipod to while away the time and lucky that no one was sitting next to me so it was sort of like first class (in my vivid imagination!) on an Embraer small plane… AND I had a delicous Bloody Mary and half of a Jamon (ham) sandwhich to keep me happy! All was very good in my little piece of the SKY!

We landed in Houston ON TIME…and the disembarked the plane and worked our way around to Customs and Immagration…and OMG…. The SEA of Humanity that loomed before me! I swear it must have been what Ellis Island was like! I knew that no matter how fast it would go….I was going to miss my connection. I allotted 1 hour and 35 minutes…and it took almost all of that just do to immagration and then I had to do customs and get my bag that had been checked…

After all of that… I found a tram and got to the gate that was makred on the ticket only to find the agent tell me the gate had been changed! The tram driver took me to the new gate and alas…the plane had left 3 minutes ago! I was heartbroken…but the worse was yet to come!

The pool Tram Driver then took me to the Customer Service Desk for Continental and there the wait and drama and DISAPPOINTMENT began! I waited and watched and saw folks get things like a FREE STAY at a hotel for overnight! AND FOOD and BEVERAGE VOUCHERS! So I figured I would get that too! But alas…that was not too happen.

When I got to the desk, I was told for some obscure reason that I still do not understand nor agree with I was getting NOTHING! NOTHING! No hotel for me! No FOOD, NO DRINK! NOTHING! BOO on Continental! Til that moment I had been a fan but AT that moment I was shocked and “ticked”!!!

They did let me use their customer phone to call my boss and co worker to let them know I would be to work on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. And to let my daughter know I would be arriving a day late…oh and to let the Limo Service don’t come to the airport..I will be home on Tuesday at 11AM! I was so frustrated…

I headed right to the BAR! LOL! AND then some more SHOCK! Remember now…I had been at DREAMS Huatulco where all drinks are INCLUDED! So I ordered a Rum and Coke and glass of water…afraid if I drank the RUM and Coke down I would FALL DOWN! LOL! Well the RUM and COKE was so minisucle…it would have fit in a thimble! And when she told me $9 I asked if there had been a charge for the water…and she laughed and said no the water is free but they had just recently raised their prices and she was not happy either with charging that much as it seemed to be cutting into her tips!

Well after that I headed down to the baggage claim area with my 2 carry on bags and headed out to the bench to smoke! YES, I know…I smoke…but I always try to be considerate and not infringe on others around me… Anyhow I found a bench and 2 disgruntled airline employees and we had a RANT Session for a bit! LOL! It helped! LOL!

Then back into the Baggage Claim Area and found a seat near a wall with an electrical outlet and ensconsed myself for part of the eveing! LOL! I charged my phone and my ipod touch! Whated “Eat, Pray, LOVE”, played “Angry Birds” Solitare and listened to some Frank Sinatra! And took some cigarette breaks! Good thing I still had some snacks with me there wasn’t too much open down there! I napped comfortably with my leopard neck pillow I use on the plane…and this was my “DELUXE Accomodations” NOT in the SKY!

I lived through it to go back up around 5AM and then have to go through the Check in screening…and swear I almost stripped down…they kept asking about pockets and this and that and my last nerve was GONE and thought mmm…maybe if I just strip down to my B’day suit that will show them…but I was affraid I might frighten the children who were there! After all Beached WHALES are not a common sight at the Houston Airport! LOL!

Then back up to C concourse and breakfast and coffee from Starbucks! BTW they have some GREAT OATMEAL on their menu! LOVED IT! And of course their coffee…a Caramel Machiato with an extra ESSPRESSO! Thank you very much!

Then wait for the ticketing agents to arrive! After telling them my story…and getting NOWHERE …they told me my bag may or may not be on the plane! The girl from the night before ASSURED ME that my bag was there in Houston and would be on the plane in the morning! NOW here it is morning and the ticketing agent could tell me SQUAT! GRRR on Continental!

Boarded the plane which btw was PACKED and set in the middle of row 25….like a SARDINE! TRULY I am a big girl…and the gals next to me were too! So it was a tight squeeze! Thank goodness I had my ipod and another movie! Lost City with Andy Garcia…I do love me some ANDY! And another Bloody Mary this one $7 lol! A few little winks of ZZZ and we arrived in B’more!

My Driver from First Choice Limo was a sight for sore eyes! Really by now my eyes were SORE TOO!! LOL! We were by the carosel for the luggage when I noticed a lovely leopard suitcase waiting in the “Continental Luggage Office” there…I ran to get the Lone Leopard and off we went to the limo…

Upon getting home I kissed the cat, got a quick cigarette or 10 and watched my soap operas that I had taped while away… I needed some BRAINLESS time and it seems to have worked. I feel much better the TRAUMA seems to have passed and NOW I have only the FOND Memories of DREAMS HUATULCO and SWEET DREAMS!

MORE of those wonderful memories will be shared SOON!

and leopardo laptop