Wanted to share a quick post on this sad departure day…

Its been an AMazing Adventure and a DREAM come TRUE visiting here at Dreams Huatulco!

I can now say that I have visited each and every AMResorts property! My love for the brands is known and the friendships that I have made along this wonderful journey are so very special to me.

Dreams Huatulco and their DREAM TEAM truly are so very special! And to those of you who have not been…you really must come and see what they offer! The area of Huatulco is gorgeous and the DREAM TEAM here goes out of their way to share their love and insights with their guests to make your experience the BEST IT CAN BE!

Last night I had dinner with my friends who arrived the other day and will be staying on for one and two weeks respectively… I met Jane and John at Dreams LaRomana when it was SUNscape Casa Del Mar and I met Glo and Joe last year at Dream Palm Beach! So it was truly magical that we would all be here together again!

Sadly my camera was not cooperating with me…I chalk it up to “user error” but wanted anyway to share some of the pics I did get last night. We had a special dinner on the BEACH!

Am including some shots I took this morning as the day was beginning to dawn…

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Am going to power off now…but will be returning both here and on line to share the DREAM that is DREAMS HUATULCO! Its a DREAM I carry with me and am happy to share with all of you!

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