Just got back from touring the Secrets Huatulco site and was very impressed!

Above are some of the views that guest will be enjoying! Breathtaking!

I toured the site with Rafael one of the Chief Engineers and he and the team there are doing amazing things. The project is going to be one of the very finest I think. The location and the views are gorgeous

I was impressed at the amount that is being completed and the details that are being done. The Spa area is going to be over the top…truly over the top. The picture that shows me with Rafael was taken on the site of the Spa, they have already started plantings that are going to add to the beauty that is already there!

Also the placement of Oceana and Seaside 2 of the Trademark Secrets Ala Carte Restaurants is near the spa and it too is going to offer AMAZING OCEAN VIEWS!

There is another pic in the gallery above of me in one of the Ocean Front Rooms with the most beautiful view!

This is truly one of the most spectacular Secrets and I can’t wait to come back to Huatulco and visit it.

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