I didn’t… but after looking around the internet I found this…

The name Huatulco comes from the Náhuatl word cuaúhtolco, meaning “the place where the wood is adored,” since legend has it that the great civilizing god Quetzalcóatl left the inhabitants of the bay and port of Santa Cruz a wooden cross. The seat of the refined Zapotec culture, the region witnessed the movement of Spanish boats and violent pirate raids. Hernán Cortés used it to distribute the produce of his farms along the coast, which turned Huatulco into an extremely active port. This attracted pirates during the second half of the 16th century, including Drake himself and the famous Thomas Cavendish, causing the local inhabitants to flee. Thereafter the place was a fishing village, until the Mexican government began developing it as a planned tourist complex in 1983.

I am really getting excited to visit! Research is such fun and learning new fun facts about a place I have not been to is so exciting! Did you know nahuatl is the language of the Aztecs?

For example did you know there are 9 bays around Huatulco?


Huatulco and its nine beautiful bays are also somewhat legendary in and around Oaxaca. Some believe that the god Quetzalcoatl himself visited the inhabitants of Huatulco to hand down his legacy, a Holy Cross made entirely of wood. Settled in around 900 A.D. by one of that period’s most prominent groups, the Zapotecs, Huatulco was witnessed countless battles and conquests involving groups vying for primacy in the area.

History, Beauty, Art and so much more awaiting Leopardo Laptop and me! I am so excited about visiting Dreams Huatulco for so many MAGICAL REASONS!

and Leopardo Laptop!