Hola Todas…its a rainy day here in B’more and of course my mind wanders to warm climes and blue seas and all things tropical!

The only saving grace is that my new Pierre Dumas Leopardo Rainboots arrived yesterday and I got to wear them today! I do love me some Leopardo…

But back to escaping the rain and “daydreaming”….

I have found when I need a quick escape I can get it by going to the BLOGS that AMResorts has for each of the brands!


Funny enough the one for DREAMS is names “DayDreams always something fun over there…in the latest posts…and then there are the archives to check for past issues and fun facts!

And if you are looking for more…don’t forget to go over to the NOW site…for you NOW Moments of SUN and FUN!


You can always find those Moments of NOW at their Blog “The Here and NOW” that bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling deep down on a cold and rainy day…

If you are looking for an “Adults” getaway…whether real or imagined…a good place to look is over at the “TANLINES”, its the Blog for all things SECRETS!


Reading it makes me want to kick off those rainboots and wiggle my toes in the SAND! Its a great getaway on a rainy day!

And lets not forget…Zoetry…where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet to make MAGIC! Oh there is so much MAGIC at each of the Zoetry Resorts! and you can catch up on all the MAGIC by checking out their Blog over at “The WELL”


I always like to read “The Well” and check out whats going on at each of the Zoetry Resorts…It keeps Leopardo and I smiling til we return again!

So Mi Amigas and Amigos…I hope that Leopardo and I have been able to provide you with a little “getaway in your mind”…if you are having a rainy day…or just want to think about a getaway…the sites above a GREAT to escape for a while til you can actually put your toes in the sand and be there for REAL!

As always if you have any questions about any of the AMResorts that Leopardo and I love we will be more than happy to try an help…

and leopardo laptop