88…a lovely number! And its how many days til Huatulco Mexico!

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So I printed out my calendar today and marked the days til arrival! I love doing that! So many fun things to do as you count down on a trip! I love checking off each day that passes by…and it helps me stay organized too in all the things I like to do before a trip!

This is an exciting countdown because it will include the holidays of both Thanksgiving and Christmas not to mention New Years all ticking by before I head out to Dreams Huatulco! So starting now will keep me on track and organized!

I start out by printing a Monthly Calendar…then I print out a weekly calendar and mark down the things I want to accomplish and remember as I am counting down to “Take OFF”! Then the last month I print out a daily calendar to really make sure I don’t forget a thing!

So 88 days! Tic Tic Tic!

This morning I went over to Trip Advisor and found this!


It’s a really great review by one of the TripAdvisor Members!

I love how she refers to it as “my other home” and how she sings the praises of “The concierge, Alicia Nunez is top-notch in customer service, always going the extra step to ensure everyones stay is nothing less than spectacular.” AND…”The chief concierge, Everett, is also superb in ensuring each guest is completely satisfied, well cared for and wanting for nothing. It is this attitude of outstanding customer service among all the staff that makes this resort so enjoyable.”

Reading this makes me want to get there EVEN MORE!!!

She goes on to mention the Activities Team, The Spa and so much more!

Each day it seems that I find something new and wonderful about DREAMS Huatulco that makes me even more excited to be headed there! And Leoparo Laptop is very excited too!

So…if you are headed down to Dreams Huatulco like Leopardo Laptop and I…I suggest you read this great review…at the link above…

and Leopardo Laptop!

Did you KNOW… What Huatulco means?


I didn’t… but after looking around the internet I found this…

The name Huatulco comes from the Náhuatl word cuaúhtolco, meaning “the place where the wood is adored,” since legend has it that the great civilizing god Quetzalcóatl left the inhabitants of the bay and port of Santa Cruz a wooden cross. The seat of the refined Zapotec culture, the region witnessed the movement of Spanish boats and violent pirate raids. Hernán Cortés used it to distribute the produce of his farms along the coast, which turned Huatulco into an extremely active port. This attracted pirates during the second half of the 16th century, including Drake himself and the famous Thomas Cavendish, causing the local inhabitants to flee. Thereafter the place was a fishing village, until the Mexican government began developing it as a planned tourist complex in 1983.

I am really getting excited to visit! Research is such fun and learning new fun facts about a place I have not been to is so exciting! Did you know nahuatl is the language of the Aztecs?

For example did you know there are 9 bays around Huatulco?


Huatulco and its nine beautiful bays are also somewhat legendary in and around Oaxaca. Some believe that the god Quetzalcoatl himself visited the inhabitants of Huatulco to hand down his legacy, a Holy Cross made entirely of wood. Settled in around 900 A.D. by one of that period’s most prominent groups, the Zapotecs, Huatulco was witnessed countless battles and conquests involving groups vying for primacy in the area.

History, Beauty, Art and so much more awaiting Leopardo Laptop and me! I am so excited about visiting Dreams Huatulco for so many MAGICAL REASONS!

and Leopardo Laptop!

Wishful thinking on a Rainy Day!

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Hola Todas…its a rainy day here in B’more and of course my mind wanders to warm climes and blue seas and all things tropical!

The only saving grace is that my new Pierre Dumas Leopardo Rainboots arrived yesterday and I got to wear them today! I do love me some Leopardo…

But back to escaping the rain and “daydreaming”….

I have found when I need a quick escape I can get it by going to the BLOGS that AMResorts has for each of the brands!


Funny enough the one for DREAMS is names “DayDreams always something fun over there…in the latest posts…and then there are the archives to check for past issues and fun facts!

And if you are looking for more…don’t forget to go over to the NOW site…for you NOW Moments of SUN and FUN!


You can always find those Moments of NOW at their Blog “The Here and NOW” that bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling deep down on a cold and rainy day…

If you are looking for an “Adults” getaway…whether real or imagined…a good place to look is over at the “TANLINES”, its the Blog for all things SECRETS!


Reading it makes me want to kick off those rainboots and wiggle my toes in the SAND! Its a great getaway on a rainy day!

And lets not forget…Zoetry…where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet to make MAGIC! Oh there is so much MAGIC at each of the Zoetry Resorts! and you can catch up on all the MAGIC by checking out their Blog over at “The WELL”


I always like to read “The Well” and check out whats going on at each of the Zoetry Resorts…It keeps Leopardo and I smiling til we return again!

So Mi Amigas and Amigos…I hope that Leopardo and I have been able to provide you with a little “getaway in your mind”…if you are having a rainy day…or just want to think about a getaway…the sites above a GREAT to escape for a while til you can actually put your toes in the sand and be there for REAL!

As always if you have any questions about any of the AMResorts that Leopardo and I love we will be more than happy to try an help…

and leopardo laptop

So have you heard? Huatulco? Dreams Huatulco that IS!

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Leopardo Laptop is SO EXCITED! Why??? Because he is going to HUATUCLO! January 14th he and I will be arriving at Dreams Huatulco and we are beyond excited! WHY? Because this is the one and only DREAMS that we have not been to yet!

We have been watching Dreams Huatulco since it opened…reading all we can about it and have even been in touch with the DREAM TEAM there! We cannot wait to arrive!

If you haven’t heard of it…let me share some links with you so you too can be excited by the Pacific Coast of Mexico where DREAMS COME TRUE!


Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa

Love the title on their page with the link above! Beauty on the BAY!


We love too that Dreams Huatulco is an AWARD WINNING RESORT…check it out!


Gotta love that!

And check out all the cool stuff that’s in the area!

Explore… and more*

Besides all the activities at Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa, our tour desk can help you arrange private or group excursions to these wonderful nearby attractions.

* Copalita Waterfalls
* La Bocana Lagoon
* Rio Copalita
* Tangolunda Golf Course
* Additional cost applies

And all the FUN Stuff to do around the resort!


AND ..the KIDS are always having FUN TOO!!!


AND to keep of the latest and greatest of whats going on at Dreams Huatulco Leopardo and I suggest going over to their FaceBook FAN Page and check it out!


You will love what you find over there while you are counting your time to SWEET DREAMS coming TRUE at Dreams Huatulco!

and Leopardo Laptop!

Some Sweet Dreaming of Magic Memories on a rainy night in B’more…Missing the MAGIC!

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Yup…its COLD in B’more and that makes Leopardo and me MISS Warm Beaches, Blue Water and SWEET DREAMS!

I hate the cold wet weather we are having today…it makes me SLEEPY…

Soon as I came home today I hit the couch as NAP TIME was calling me! So after I cuddled up on the couch all covered up in my Leopard Snuggie…I dropped off the DREAM LAND and had SWEET DREAMS…

Just a few of the SWEET DREAMS and bit of Zoetry Magic from the DIVINE DOMINICAN TOUR OF January 2010…

and Leopardo Laptop!

Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana in Punta Cana, where the SECRETS ARE SO SWEET!

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