Buenos Tardes…

Old Leopardo Laptop has been a busy boy this afternoon…but he is so very happy because he got to re-live again some Magic Moments that he and I shared at NOW Sapphire!

What do you think of when you hear the word “Sapphire” The Cool and Soothing Blue GEM that makes you daydream of soothing ocean and blue skies above.. Thats what Leopardo and I think of and it makes us think of why NOW Sapphire is so aptly named and of all the lovely Magic NOW Moments we had while visiting them there… NOW Sapphire and their AMazing TEAM truly do make this a GEM of a Resort!

Please click the link below to come along with Leopardo and I as we re-live our Magic Moments of NOW at NOW Sapphire, where the beautiful sapphire blue of the Ocean and Sky meet to give Magic Memories that you will hold in your heart forever!


Leopardo and I will keep the Magic Memories in our hearts and look back at them with smiles… We love Now Sapphire and will return to make more of those Special Sapphire Memories!

and Leopardo Laptop