Hola! Tonight Leopardo and I would like to share the Magic Moments of NOW…NOW Jade that is!

What do you think of JADE…The Cool Green Gem…When you touch it you feel the cool and calming qualities that it exudes…I felt this at NOW Jade! It cool, hip and chic all wrapped up into the most AMAZING of Resorts in Puerto Morales! Leopardo and I loved our time there so much!


At the link above you can wander through the album that I just created with over 500 pics…you’ll see the cool lobby, the hip restaurants, and the chic areas all around the resort…just waiting for you to experience your Moment of NOW!

When I hold a piece of JADE in my hand I feel Serene and Calm…and I found that at NOW Jade!

Reach out and embrace NOW Jade…and find your Moment of NOW waiting to bring you a calm and serene peace along with many moments of MAGIC!

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