Poor Leopardo has been working at breakneck speed to get them up! And today they are posted over on Webshots! Have not captioned them but wanted to get them ups ASAP for anyone who is interested in seeing Dreams Puerto Aventuras and why Leopardo and I love it so much there!


Click the link above to check them out…will be adding captions and also would be happy to try and asnwer any questions the pictures or videos may inspire… Leopardo and I love Dreams Puerto Aventuras and the DREAM TEAM there! We Miss them ALL and the breakfast outside the World Cafe… The Mayan / Mexican Coffee in the lobby in the Afternoon, The FUN shows each evening, The Great Ocean and Pool…AH Sweet DREAMS for SURE!

More to follow on the rest of the Magical Mayan Mystery Tour… Leopardo is Loving the MAGICAL MEMORIES of it all!

and leopardo laptop