Poor Leopardo…he is suffering from “Missing Mexico”..he has a VERY Serious case of MM and I am not sure what to do for the poor baby! Other than to work on getting that “Re-cap” of the trip up…

AND, yes I am working on that…right now I am crafting the blog post and will be inserting pics and such into it overt he next few days and when its done will post it!

It sure was a MAGICAL MAYAN Adventure for Leopardo! He met so many wonderful friends and family along the way… He loved the “Jaguars” at Zoetry! And the Little Leopardo who came to visit him at NOW Jade! And all the Leopardo Touches at NOW Sapphire! Oh and the Leoprdo Table Cloth at lunch at Dreams Cancun…is it any wonder the poor BOY is MM (Missing Mexico)!

He loves to travel and this past year of 2010 he has been a jet setter for sure!

We began the year with the “Divine Dominican Tour”! Where he and I got to visit Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana and ALL the 3 SWEET DREAMS , Dreams LaRomana, Dreams Palm Beach and Dreams Punta Cana and finished the tour at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana! WOW WHATTA AN AMazing Adventure that one was!

Then a quick flight to Los Cabos in March! “Lovin’ LIFE in LOS Cabos”… That is where we Fell in love with LIFE and another Zoetry…Zoetry Casa Del Mar Los Cabos…or as Leopardo and I call it Zoetry Casa Del MARvelous…because it was! We also went to Dreams Los Cabos and met their DREAM TEAM who we had been writing to over the past few years its always such fun to meet in person folks who have been so nice via emails! WE love that!

Then came April and my Birthday….Leopardo loves to take me away for my Birthday…and I love it because WHY should I turn another year older in B’more when I can be in Paradise and ease my way into that NEW YEAR OF AGE…LOL! The Year LL took me to Jamaica…to visit our friends at both SECRETS Wild Orchid and SECRET St. James! WOW did we love our time there! We even did the Luminous Lagoon Tour and it was MAGICAL! The 2 Secrets in Jamaica share a lot of great things and our time there was a SWEET SECRET that we loved Sharing!

Then that brings us to our last trip…The Magical Mayan Mystery Tour…2 weeks of bliss in Mexico on the Mayan Coast…Magic in Mexico…

If you would like to see pics of the trips…you can click the link below!