LOL! I guess I need more coffee and also need more practice on the tricks of blogging and hitting the right keys!

So …where did I leave off…oh yes when Ricardo was taking me to my room!

After Zuko and the IT guy got Leopardo up and running it was time to go to lunch! And what a great lunch it was! Our Friend Silvestri and the wait staff surely did an AMazing job with each and every course! He told us that the groupe we had and the Ceviche was cought just at the pier that morning! YUM! Every MORSEL of the MEAL was DELSIH! And the Rum Babah was SO GOOD!

The slide show is of the room and lunch and meeting Mi Toyca as i couldn’t figure yet how to do 2 seperate slide shows…sorry…

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At Dessert Laura and Nashelly joined us and it was such fun to catch up and find out all the happenings here at Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita! After much fun conversation they walked me over to the spa where I got to meet Teresa who is “Mi Toyca”…that means that we share the same name!


Mi Toyca Teresa and I at the Spa at Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita

I will do a whole blog just on the spa very soon because it deserves a lot of attention it is a Thalaso Spa which means the treatments are salt water based! I have so much to share with you about that!

But for now…Leopardo needs to be fed..and so do I! I am having breakfast in a bit at Kaax and can’t wait to savor MY FRENCH TOAST!… Pics will follow for sure!

and Leopardo Laptop