Leopardo and I arrived at NOW Sapphire…where the Blue of the Ocean meets the Blue of the Sky to make Magical Moments of NOW!

NOW Sapphire

NOW Sapphire Preferred Club GORGEOUS!

We love the VIBE we are feeling here…it has a Hacienda feel to it with hip NOW atmosphere of style!

Will post more pics but wanted to come on and let you know we have arrived and been on a whirlwind tour of the property with Adriana! We have MANY pics to share for SURE! Had lunch with Adriana, Sandra who does Weddings (know her from Dreams Tulum) and Coco all 3 ladies and I had a ball and they filled me in on the NOW brand and how NOW Sapphire is different from NOW Jade.

The views are AMazing! Everywhere you look is so GORGEOUS!

Above are a few of the 266 pictures I’ve shot this afternoon! I am going to go and see a wedding so must get ready, then off to the spa and dinner at the Reef.

NOW Sapphire is a MOMENT of Happiness and Smiles!

and Leopardo Laptop