Sweet DREAMS Riviera Cancun…Morning Meanderings…

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Hola Buenos Dias…What a WONDERUL Morning! Leopardo Laptop woke up at the crack of dawn and said..HEY BB its time to get started old girl! He never lets me have a minute of peace…but I love him and he was right!

So called Room Service for a pot of coffee and some wheat toast and started to get ready for MORE Sweet Dreams here at Dreams Riviera Cancun!

We got out and about and got shots of the Beach and pool area and walkways and gardens up to and around the lobby area!

We ran into Rosanna the Spa Concierge who can book spa appointments for you and help you choose the one that is just right for making your “Spa DREAMS” come TRUE! In the morning you can usually find her just outside of the World Cafe in the Patio Area…she is such a sweet lady and knows her SPA STUFF for SURE!

Dreams Riviera Cancun

Rosanna the Spa Concierge

The world cafe is GREAT! And a MUST Try are the donuts! YUM and YUM YUMM! Oh and the Mexican Coffee! I have just made a slide show of some of my “Morning Meanderings”…

The Lobby, The Grounds, The Pool, The Wedding Gazebo, Coco Cafe, The Beach…SO much to see and do here at Dreams Riviera Cancun…over 170 shots in the show!

Including my time with Magdelina the Wedding Coordinator…what a lovely lady who has so many special and wonderful details to share with the Brides who are coming down to make their DREAM WEDDING COME TRUE! She is a pleasure and a treasure for sure!

Well..sorry but the slide show is not working as planned… Old leopardo is getting tired I guess…so let me post a few pics here in the blog to give you a taste of what the day held …

Some pics from the New World Cafe this morning! I was impressed with the choices…so many and all looked so good! But today the donuts talked to me…hehehe

Dream DONUTS!  They were SO GOOD along with the Mexican Coffee...A YUM!

AHA! Persistence has paid off I got the slide show to work!

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I guess threatening Leopardo with that whip I bought did the trick! LOL!

Dreams Riviera Cancun!

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Leopardo and I arrived around 3:30 to Dreams Riviera Cancun and FELL IN LOVE!

Check in was a breeze at the preferred club then I was brought to my room and was really wowed! It is an Ocean Front Master Suite with a gorgeous view…

I was wisked away by Pedro to the Spa…and got to tour it and take some pics…and then after had a wonderful Mayan Massage with Angelina! She is AMAZING and truly touched my soul! I felt blessed after she was done!

Later some friends joined me in my room for dinner from Room Service that was DELISH!

And now I am going to take a soak in the Jacuzzi before going to bed and have some SWEET Dreams of an AMazing day!

In order to get all the pics up…I have made a slide show…with no captions…sorry Leopardo and I are both tired…I promise more tomorrow as I explore the resort…and meet with various DREAM TEAM Members.

But for now you can see, the lobby, preferred Club check in, my room, the spa…but not in order…again I apologize but as time is short and the Jacuzzi is calling…I hope you will forgive me.


and leopardo laptop

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