Leopardo Laptop and I are sad today as we sit and type this… Our time here at NOW Jade has come to an end and we will be leaving around noon.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay… From the moment we pulled into the Driveway to see that HIP, Chic NOW Logo…


HIP Sign of NOW Jade

The word NOW…says so MUCH of what the resort is about! Chic, Hip, Happening, Guest Oriented, “of the MOMENT” when you arrive in the lobby the vibe of NOW is even more apparent

NOW Jade

Cool Happening Lobby at NOW Jade

From the seating to the water feature to the desks and lighting..it truly is all in “The MOMENT OF NOW”!

This morning took a last walk around to get some pics of the lobby and entrance way…SO Beautiful!

NOW Jade

Looking into the Lagoon with Mangroves

It was so beautiful and peaceful..and to hear the wildlife chirping and singing their morning songs…was both beautiful and inspiring! There are several areas within the NOW Jade property to view and experience this and I love that about NOW Jade. Hip, Chic and so environmentally friendly in providing peaceful moments like I experineced as a guest…and to know that by protecting the Lagoon and Mangrove Reserve it provides a Sanctuary for so many species on our planet!

After experiencing such a peaceful moment I decided to re-visit PURE again and have the French Toast as my parting breakfast…and it did NOT Disappont! It was as MARvelous today as it was yesterday…as was the Service from Carlos and his staff and I got to meet Angie the head chef at Pure and so impressed with all of them.

NOW Jade

French Toast at Pure

While enjoying Breakfast I noticed that the Mayan House that I had dinner at was still up…

NOW Jade

Mayan House / for Special Mayan Dinner

Last night my “last supper” here was there and I had the Mayan Dinner… My dear friend Raul Lerma surprised me with this. He told me that I should go and get pictures of it before I had dinner at the Asian Restuarant Spice where I had planned to dine.

When I went along the path to the Garden there was a waiter there and I took a few pics and asked him if the folks who were going to be dining there had arrived…and he told me that it was set up for me. I could not believe it! Really I kept saying there must be some sort of mistake…it was such an amazing surprise.

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The menu was Mayan and so very delicious and served impeccably by Michael who earlier kept laughing when I wouldn’t believe it was for me…

NOW Jade

Mayan Menu

I LOVE so many things that NOW stands for and embraces…The Mayan Culture and the Lagoons with the Mangrove Reserves are just 2 that have touched my heart and I take with me and will cherish always.

Gracias to the Entire NOW Jade Team for sharing so many Magical MOMENTS OF NOW!

and Leopardo Laptop