Leopardo Laptop and I sure did pack a LOT of NOW Moments into yesterday!


Here is a little Pictorial Rundown of the day…


Hip and Modern Vibe at NOW Jade

When we turned off of Rt 307 and on to the road going into Puerto Morales we were very excited AND when we turned into the entrance at NOW Jade we knew we were going to LOVE IT! The buildings are so Modern and Clean we LOVED the VIBE we felt just looking at it!


What fun to see DEAR Gregorio HERE

Leopardo and I know him from our many visits to Dreams Tulum, a very special friend who is “NOW” here at NOW Jade! LOVED Seeing him! Gregorio ROCKS the Bell Staff and make NOW MAGIC MOMENTS!

NOW Jade

The Divine Ms. Dalel made Check in at NOW JADE a pleasure

She then walked me to my room…

NOW Jade

Welcome to your home...7104 at NOW Jade Preferred Club

LOVE LOVE LOVE the room…

The View from my Balcony took my breath away!

NOW Jade

View from 7104

The NOW MAGIC TEAM! Who truly are special and wonderful people…

NOW Jade


What a wonderful, dedicated and hard working group of people! In the middle is Diana who is the Social Media person here at NOW Jade and posts on the FanPages over at FaceBook! Toward the Front is Manuel with Sales and all around great guy who I knew from Dreams…and he is now making “dreams” come true into moments of NOW! And last…but certainly not least is Daniel..who I met via email many months ago and now I know why I liked him….he is a very special and talented young man who is the Sales Director here…and knows his stuff!

Kudos to the NOW MAGIC TEAM! They and their TEAM are the ones who make those “Moments of NOW” here at Now Jade so very special!

After dropping off the Leopard Luggage and plugging Leopardo in…to charge up, I was off to have lunch at what is now Olas and will be rebranded as Castaways…(that is if I remember correctly) on the way I got to meet the Food and Beverage Team!

NOW Jade

The Food and Beverage Team

These are the guys and their team that make those NOW Moments of YUMMY! And let me tell you…that the FOOD here is DELISH! The meals I have had so far have been not only beautifully presented but the taste and quality of the food is SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!

Check out the Grouper Ceviche

NOW Jade

Grouper Ceviche was SOOO GOOD!

NOW  Jade

The Special of the Day...Grouper prepared Grandma Style

Aaron had recommended the Special of the Day…he told me the name in Spanish…its a Mayan dish…and then said it is like the way “Grandma” would make it!

NOW Jade

Aaron and the Chef

It was so good that Aaron let me meet the Chef so I could tell him how much I enjoyed it!

A little later Diana and Manuel came to join me…

NOW Jade

Magic TEAM spreading MAGIC MOMENTS

It was great to catch up with both of them and learn more about what NOW Jade and its Magic Moments are all about!

After we walked on the Beach over back to the Preferred Club and I came into my room to check up on Leopardo and change into my bathing suit…after all I had to check out the Pool here at PC and also the OCEAN!

NOW Jade

Leopardo all charged up

Leopardo was ALL CHARGED up and REARING TO ROOOAAAR…so I loaded some pics and slide shows and posted them on the Facebook Fanpages…gotta share those Magical NOW Moments of NOW JADE!

Will post some videos a bit latter but now Leopardo and I must go and experience our NOW MOMENTS!

Hugs from
and Leopardo Laptop who are