Good Morning Secrets Sharers…I love a GOOD SECRET especially when it is Sweet and SPICY! And Secrets Capri FITS THE BILL FOR SURE ON BOTH!

Last night was over the top special! Had dinner with Jay the Chief Concierge in the Wine Cellar! Its a WOW Experience for SURE! You can check with the “Experience Concierge” at the lobby to book a dinner there. They can give you the pricing…the total package is a 7 course meal served by the chef with great flourish and I have to say each course and every morsel was beyond DELISH!

Secrets Capri

AMazing Appeatizer

Secrets Capri

Sensational Salad

The appeatizer and salad coures as well as the whole meal were a thing of BEAUTY! So artfully created … you didn’t want to eat them…but so glad we did because they were as delicious as they were beautiful!

Secrets Capri

Cappicino Course

They called this “The Cappicino”…it was a lovely lush and tasty cheese soup creation that I LOVED!

Secrets Capri

Duck Confiet was served for dinner

Duck Confiet with lovely sauted veggie with apple…a lovely combination that was delicous and a meal that will live in my memory!

Secrets Capri

Dessert was a fabulous creation with Peanut Butter Cake and sauce

Secrets Capri

Jay always on call helping no matter where...

I forgot to have the waiter take our picture…so I share this one of Jay who is always on call…helping others no matter what, no matter where… It will give you a sense of the room we were in. LOVELY!

Well…let me load some more pics and a video of this morning and will try to post that before we leave.

Leopardo Laptop and I are truly enjoying SECRETS Capri! Sweet and SPICY Secrets that are best SAVORED all throughout your stay here!

and Leopardo Laptop