Leopardo and I arrived at Now Jade and from the moment we came through the front gate, into the lobby and walked to our room we knew we had arrived HOME!

NOW Jade offers such a wonderful and beautiful experience. There are so many special details… I have created a slide show with over 100 pictures so you can see what we experienced today…

Here is a little slide show that shows Our NOW moments thus far! Am going to be posting the blog in a bit…There are no captions as I am rushing to get this up FAST so you can be with me as I am Living in the NOW of NOW JADE! I promise more details as I slow down a bit… Leopardo and I LOVE IT HERE! One of… the things that touches my heart about NOW JADE is the fact that it is so very ECO FRIENDLY! And how it “embraces” its enviroment! It is located in Puerto Morales that is known for its lovely mangrove reserves that are so very important to our Eco System and the Ocean and Mother Nature! NOW JADE not only by law but by LOVE cares not to harm the world we live in and the Mangrove Reserves are protected by them. They are a lovely part of the area that we should all appreciate and HONOR…I know Leopardo and I do! I hope you enjoy the slide show and please if you have any questions…Leopardo and I are happy to try and get the answers!


andLeopardo Laptop