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Leopardo and I arrived here this afternoon and its been an absolute WHIRLWIND! And we are LOVING IT! So MANY old and new friends sharing SECRETS both SWEET AND SPICY!


Secrets Capri

The Secrets SPICE TEAM...with Mommy and the Leopardo Luggage!

Two Dear Friends… Jay and Luis greeted me upon arrival! What a way to come back to Secrets Capri! I know and love both of them and to find them here at Secrets Capri…well was just wonderful!

Secrets Capri


It was like old home week in the lobby…A SWEET SECRET here at SECRETS Capri! I love the vibe that is going around here …Upbeat and positive and so much going on! Kudos to the SECRETS TEAM and Sr. Payne for all they are doing to keep the SWEET AND SPICY going on!

Secrets Capri

Concierge TEAM!

Some of the Concierge TEAM! Did you know at Secrets Capri its ALL PREFERRED! And there Concierge TEAM here is VERY DEDICATED TO THEIR GUEST!

I think the number 1 concierge to every 16 guests…don’t quote me on that but I know that it is an AMAZING ratio…

Secrets Capri


Snapped so many pics from the lobby to lunch over at Seaside and then back and around and over to the spa…like I told you WHIRLWIND! I promise to show as many as I can while I am here but be assured I will be making plenty of albums showcasing the SECRETS that are SECRETS Capri!


Welcome to your room..

Alex was my private concierge who checked me in! Gotta LOVE the PREFERRED CLUB and all that it offers here at SECRETS CAPRI! SWEET for SURE!

Secrets Capri


Ocean FRONT View is AMAZING…and OH SO SWEET! Today has been a beautiful day …it hot and steamy and the pool and OCEAN looked so Cool and Refreshing but Leopardo and I were too busy touring, talking and TAKING PICS! Hoping to go for a DIP tomorrow morning!

Secrets Capri

Welcome To Seaside Grill

Secrets Capri

Got to meet Jose Luis the E Concierge here! LOVE HIM!

What fun it was to meet Jose Luis the E Concierge here who posts on the Facebook Fanpages! What a great guy with so many great ideas and knows how to SHARE SWEET SECRETS and SPICY ONES TOO! He and the whole Copncierge Team are doing AMazing things here…Totally exceeding Expectations!

One SECRET I can share…the “Experience Concierge” in the lobby that helps you book all of your “SECRETS EXPERIENCES” at one time if you like! WOW WHATTA SERVICE IS THAT! Friendly Knowledgeable Concierge at the lobby who can make your Experience…MEMORABLE!

Secrets Capri

Surf and Turf ala Secrets and their AMazing Chef

Lunch was over the top AMAZING! ….

More SECRETS to be shared…but for now I have to RUN…my clock is ticking and I need to get dressed for dinner. Portafino and who knows what SECRETS after…But I promise to share them with all of you!

But for now …Adios…and I will be back, I have tons of pics in Leopardo Laptop to post…all around the resort and the Spa and so much more…


and Leopardo Laptop

Dreams Puerto Aventuras…WOW WHATTA DAY!

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What can I say about yesterday…except WOW WHATTA DAY! Leopardo and I will hold it in our hearts for SURE!

First dropped some things off at the beach and then headed to World Cafe for some breakfast…ALL MY FAVS! LOVE the Chiquillitas (excuse the spelling) And the Sausage and BACON and BEANS….Oh they were just as good as the first time I tried them here many years ago when it was a SUNscape…

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Breakfast outside World Cafe

I sat outside so I could enjoy the sound of the Ocean while eating! LOVE IT!

After breakfast I took a dip in that GORGEOUS OCEAN…the beach is GREAT and there is much less coral aka rocks when you get in the water…LOVE THAT TOO!

Headed over to the Spa a little latter to catch up with Claudia the Spa Manager. She manages this spa and the one at Secrets Capri and I had met her last year…such a nice lady with a really great Spa Vision

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Claudia at the Spa

She has added some great touches since my last visit to make the spa even more special!

Lots of FUN Stuff going on all around yesterday…I got some shots of the pool…here’s one

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Water Areobics

Water Aerobics looked like a LOT OF FUN!

Lunch was a special TREAT Because I got to catch up with Jen! She is t Chief Concierge here at Dreams Puerto Aventuras and a very special friend…I met her a few years ago when she started at Dreams Tulum in the Entertainment Team and saw her again on another trip when she had become their Spa Concierge and now she is the Chief Concierge HERE! She is a special lady with a very special soul!

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Lunch with Jen

It was a great lunch prepared by Rafeal the Head Chef with Alejandro the Food and Beverage manager…from the Special Appeatizer to the GREAT GROUPER and the AMazing Dessert…Jen and I could not believe our eyes!

Link above will take you to a little slide show of it!

After that Jen walked me over to the Explorers Club where I got to meet Diana and tour the Club and take some pics because the Kids were at lunch…Check out the slide show for that too…

LOVE The Explorers Club here and Diana and her DREAM TEAM really do a great job with the Kids…keeping them occupied and happy during their stay here!

After that it was time to come back to the room and load pictures and videos on to Leopardo Laptop who had been napping most of the morning! I needed a shower and to get ready to go down to the lobby for a Mayan Coffee….pics of that are in yesterdays blog…LOVE IT!

Dinner was at the Oceana, which is the Adults Only Restaurant over on the Marina side… Ben the Rooms Division Manager joined me and I asked him to choose….we had Clam Chowder which was so good…DELISH! And Grouper and for dessert Creme Brulee…and Espresso with Sambuca..YUM, Yum and YUM!

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Clam Chowder

Dreams Puerto Aventuras


Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Creme Brulee

After Dinner we said goodbye and then I headed over to the Fire and Water Show that was being presented on the BEACH! LOVED IT!

Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Fire and Water Show

Its a MUST SEE SHOW for SURE! Here is a little video clip…

It was GREAT!

WOW Whatta Day and WOW Whatta NIGHT! Another DREAM come true here at Dreams Puerto Aventuras!

Leopardo and I take with us all the SWEET DREAMS…as we are leaving today… Always sad to leave but we keep the DREAM TEAM and all the Memories in our heart..

As always we are happy to try and answer any questions anyone might have about Dreams Puerto Aventuras …WE LOVED our time here and will come back again for sure!

and Leopardo Laptop