A DREAM DAY…At Dreams Tulum and beyond!

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Hola Sweet DREAMERS!

Today was a great day! Leopardo rested while I packed a whole lot into this day!

Woke up early and posted a bit and worked on some pics which as you know by now Leopardo is keeping safe in his belly til we can post them up here and over on the Dreams Tulum Fanpages! The internet is still running slow…but now I found out why….it seems that last week one of the Internet Towers got struck by lightning and some of the wireless towers throughout have been affected…when I ran in to Francisco from entertainment he told me about it so now we know the rest of the story…

Both cameras were clicking today and I took over 300 pictures and videos…here around the resort and Coba too!

The day at Coba with Carlos was both Magical and AMAZING! I loved every minute of it! We had a great guide by the name of HERCULES! Some of you who know me know that my cat’s name is Hercules too…I thought that was kind of serendipitous! I recommend Coba to all of you! It is filled with so much cultural history and the Mayan Culture is just so MAGICAL to me! The Pyramids, the excavations all speak volumes of another culture that is both interesting and so very special…like I said…a MAGICAL MOMENT for sure!

After we had lunch at little Mayan Restuarant..whos name I had a hard time pronouncing…and can’t even write ir at the moment…so the PIC of the SIGN wil come in handy when I post it! The meal was buffet style and we had a view of the lake with Crocodiles…it was like being back in another time…MAGICAL!

When I got back I met Eduardo at the Spa and toured and got more pics of the spa… Will be going back in a few minutes to get a massage…and can’t wait… Coba was a lot of walking and climbing…I told Carlos I got my exercise for the REST of the Year! LOL!

I also visited the Explorers Club and got new pics! LOVE the Explorers Club at Dreams TULUM! So special for kids and tweens…and lots to do there! Sadly there were no children there at the moment I arrived…but at least you willl see what they have and offer there…

Oh…early this AM I went over to the Preferrec Club Lounge in order to get pics of the Morning Offerings. Sandy is the Preferred Club Concierge and such a great girl! You all will love her! She is warm and welcoming and very guest oriented! As are all the Concierge here at DREAMS TULUM! I just love the DREAM TEAM here!

Well…off to the spa…not sure what the night holds…other than the FIRE SHOW is tonight and I LOVE THAT ONE! I have the batteries all charged and extras ready to get lots of pics and vids!

Hugs from
and Leopardo Laptop
who are having SWEET DREAMS at DREAMS TULUM!



Dreams Tulum view from lobby

Great new plantings and gardens at Dreams Tulum

Good Morning Sweet Dreamers!

Waking up to paradise sure is a Sweet DREAM! It looks to be another GORGEOUS day here for sure!

Was hoping to share some more pics but alas I could onlly get one to work…its the view of the Gardens that look MAGNIFICENT! Such a change from last year… they are lush and tropical and give the resort a whole new feel!

Yesterday was great…got to see some of the DREAM TEAM and they told us that a German based film company is filming here at Dreams Tulum, will try and get some pics to show you…

Had Lunch at the Seaside Grill with Luis and Carlos it was DELSIH! I had the Ceviche and the Steak Sandwhich which was melt in your mouth good!

Came back to my room to get leopardo set up but as I mentioned had some problems posting pics…still not much success with that this AM so forgive me please…I did get the one of the gardens up and will try later for more. But not to worry even thought right now I can only share in words…Leopardo has all the pics his belly and I will share them with you when we can get it all to work…til then words will have to suffice…

I toured the Preferred Club Lounge with Carlos and was very impressed with it! The room is gorgeous and the detail are beautiful. The bar there is TOP NOTCH and the treats that they had were not only yummy but so beautiful to look at you almost didn’t want to try them…so pretty! The PC lounge is over in the building that is the Coco Cafe. Originally this was the lobby of the hotel when it first opened as SUNscape Tulum. It has a great Hacienda feeling and I just love it there!

Even if you are not a Preferred Club guest you can still enjoy the Coco cafe and have a yummy coffee and snacks! I got some great pics of the area so you can see it! There is even a small library threre for you to sit back sip a coffee creation and read if you like! SO NICE!

After the PC Club Lounge I walked abit and went into the World Cafe…lunch was almost over but I wanted to get some pics of the room to share and it was beautiful as ever. I love the World Cafe here at Drems Tulum it truly does have that warm Hacienda Feel to it…very comfortable and welcoming!

Another new touch since my last visit are all the many plantings and the SIGNS telling you what they are…very ECO Friendly…DREAMS has embraced being GREEN in so many ways…it warm my heart to see how they care about he envirioument here!

Last night they had a bus that left from the lobby and took 50 or so of the guests including me to the Tulum Jass Fest! What a fun time that was! It was in the main square of Tulum and to see guests of the resort and others folks and the local folks all mixing and having fun was GREAT! I loved watching all the food vendors, the kids, the folks dancing…it was an AMAZING night for me. There was a great breeze and felt very comfortable the whole evening! AND the music and talent there was Over The TOP GREAT! Even though I missed being at the hotel…I am so glad I got to experience it!

The bus came to pick us all up at 10:30 and we came back to the hotel…It had been a long day so I came to my room and downloaded pics and went to bed.

Speaking of bed can I tell you….the BED was built for SWEET DREAMS! WOW!!! Not only is it so comfy the SHEETS are so soft…totally had SWEET DREAMS last night!

Well that brings us to this morning! I am at the desk looking out to the Ocean and I can see the pool and beach and WOW WHATTA View! You will see it to…(I promise to get the pics up ASAP!) I am going to go get some breakfast and wander around a bit. This morning at 10 Carlos and I are going to visit Coba…this is something I have wanted to do for while and am so happy to be able to do it to day with him.

Leopardo and I will be back….sharing OUR SWEET DREAM!

and leopardo laptop