Well the time has ticked by and NOW the time has come for DREAMS to come TRUE and SECRETS to be Revealed and LIFE to be lived ARTfuly at ZOETRY… Can I get any more “brands” into once sentence…hehehe! And I do love doing that! It makes me smile…and leoparod giggles each time I do it!

Leopardos cousins the Leopard luggage is packed…but open for last minute additions… Tonight I will be finishing the carry on luggage which instead of Leopardo is a lovely set of Kathy Van Zeeland luggage in the design of Crowns…LOL! Leopardo gives me a nod on that because he says he and I are the King and Queen of Travel! LOL!

Called my “Buds” at Airtran today and bought the $99 upgrade to fly in their “business / First Class” A small price to pay because it allows 2 bags to fly free and I will only have to pay the extra $50 for the 3rd bag instead of $90 in luggage fees I would have paid otherwise…all this to get the Berger Cookies down there! LOL! Another part of the trip that brings a smile to this old face…because as you know for me and Leopardo its ALL about the BERGER COOKIES! hehehe!

Am hoping to slip over at lunch and get a “Mani” if the shop isn’t too crowded…or maybe after work go to my regular shop…have to see how the day plays out! Called all the credit card companies to notify them of my travel and my bank. So not too much more to do today as I sit here and watch the clock tick by… and DAY DREAM!

Leopardo and I are so very excited! Sharing this past week with you and remembering Sweet DREAMS and Sharing SWEET SECRETS…reliving our ZEN at Zoetry…and pondering what our NOW moments will be like have been such fun for us… BUT NOW (pardon the PUN) NOW our time has come and tomorrow we get on the plane and “The Magical Mayan Mystery Tour” Begins! Another AMazing AMResorts Adventure for bb and Leopardo Laptop!